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Stitt campaign trouble if WPA wrong

Analysis: A few days ago, the OKGOP tweeted the following polling summary from the Stitt campaign’s super-confident pollsters, “WPA Intelligence,” suggesting Governor Stitt is leading Joy Hofmeister by 15 points. I couldn’t disagree with them more.

I guess I’ll risk invoking the wrath (and ruler) of “the Lying Nun” (Temporary OKGOP Chairman AJ Farate) and just say, I think Governor Stitt is in trouble, and it seems to me that if his campaign is working hard, it’s to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This makes me nervous as a Republican. 

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We Need a Pro-Love Movement

When I was young, popular music was mostly about love, in stark contrast to today’s rap. “All you need is love,” sang the Beatles. Or “you need somebody to love,” is in a Jefferson Airplane number still popular 55 years later.

No one needs love more than an expectant mother. But a frightened woman heading to an abortion clinic has likely learned that the father of her child doesn’t love her and will abandon their child—and probably her too even if she aborts. Her parents, rather than being doting grandparents, might disown her—or so she fears. Her friends may be supportive, but only of the decision to abort. She fears interruption of her education or her career. If she cherishes hope of finding a husband who will love her for life, the prospects are probably less if she is a single mother.

But she may not have considered that she is carrying the very person who will probably love her more than anyone else, for her whole life.

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Enough of evil: Resistance required

Victims of border violence

Last week I attended the most graphic and disturbing training I have attended in my 30 years of law enforcement. The training educated officers on illegal gangs and cartel activities, deeds, and movements. It revealed how the cartels use dismemberment, beheading, and other forms of mutilation to impose fear and intimidate the public and revival gangs. I was outraged to learn these mutilations are not just occurring in Mexico but are now being carried out right here in the United States and in Oklahoma.

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Biden Administration wants war

Editorial: Monday Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin declared that the Biden administration’s goal in Ukraine is “to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.” It could take years.

America’s goal should be peace.

However, Sec. Austin may follow his pattern and introduce historically inaccurate “Woke” ideologies in Russia to weaken the military – that should do it.

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