Convention Center construction begins

Friday, 26 September 2008
Tulsa Convention Center has broken ground on a 30,000 square-foot ballroom. This Vision 2025 project will be the largest ballroom in Oklahoma. The Tulsa Vision Builders have begun demolishing the flat parking lot north of the convention center–the location for the ballroom.

The new ballroom will have a beautiful glass wall overlooking the BOK Center. Inside will be impressive 13,625 square foot pre-function space with high ceilings and room for receptions, registration or breaks. The possibilities will be endless for creating a unique atmosphere. The ballroom’s elegant design and high-grade finishes will make it the perfect space for important social and meeting events.

"The addition of our new ballroom will open the door for many more formal dinners, galas, general sessions and other events. Also, when we are finished we will have 35 total meeting rooms which make our space much more flexible and attractive to groups of many sizes," Director of Convention Sales and Marketing, Kathy Tinker said.

For easy access, the ballroom will have a corridor connecting it to the rest of the Tulsa Convention Center. This extensive renovation will include 7 additional meetings rooms located adjacent to the ballroom. The entire project adds 52,200 square feet of rentable space.

"The new ballroom and meeting rooms as well as the renovation of the current facility is a continuation of the progression to a revitalized downtown.  This movement is a source of great pride to a native Tulsan like me," Assistant General Manager of the Tulsa Convention Center, Janet Rockefeller said.

The Tulsa Convention Center will remain open with no disruptions to business during the renovations. A portion of the doors on the north end of the building are closed during demolition. The north end doors connecting the parking garage to the Convention Center through the covered walkway will remain open. The doors on the east and south sides of the building will also remain open.

This project expects to create a growth in the number of events held in Tulsa. In fiscal year 2005-2006 the Convention Center hosted 148 events, including Oilers and Talons events. After completion of the renovation, fiscal year 2010-2011, the Convention Center anticipates 200 events, not including the sports teams whose events have moved to the BOK Center.

“The new ballroom completes a total convention, gala and entertainment package downtown. The proximity of the Tulsa Convention Center to the BOK Center makes the two a perfect complement to one another for Tulsa area residents as well as visitors,” General Manager of the Tulsa Convention Center and the BOK Center, John Bolton said.

Groundbreaking on Oklahoma’s largest ballroom at the Tulsa Convention Center marks the establishment of a Tulsa landmark. The project is expected to be completed the first quarter of 2010.  This Vision 2025 project will add attractive rentable space to increase the number of events Tulsa’s Convention Center can accommodate.  The Tulsa Convention Center currently houses a 102,600sf Exhibit Hall, 8,900-seat arena, 20,000sf Conference Hall, 7,700sf Assembly Hall with built-in stage and 16 additional meeting rooms—all open during the construction.  Both the Tulsa Convention Center and BOK Center are managed by SMG.

The Tulsa Convention Center is located in downtown Tulsa at 7th and Houston. For more information visit

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