Riley’s party promotion confusion

Bunny Chambers, Oklahoma’s immediate past Republican National Committeewoman, longtime Republican activist and leader in the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women, today thanked Democrat State Senator Nancy Riley for promoting a Republican Women’s organization in her campaign materials by using a photo showing her wearing a GOP brooch.

It’s unclear whether that’s a Riley photographic gaffe or an intentional act designed to deceive GOP voters.  Senator Riley was elected in her last senatoral election as a Republican then switched to Democrat.  This is her first race as a Democrat.

"I’d like to think it’s gracious of Nancy to use a photo of her wearing her Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women’s (OFRW) First Ladies brooch along side her Senate member pin on her campaign materials," said Mrs. Chambers, "but I’m not confident her motives are pure."

Riley, has used a photo of her wearing her OFRW First Ladies cameo brooch on several direct mail pieces and on her website over the past several months. Republican women are suspicious of her motives, perhaps trying to send messages to female Republican voters in her district that she’s still "one of them," but Chambers and others in her organization aren’t fooled.

"We appreciate her efforts to promote our organization and our cause," Chambers continued, "but the truth is, Nancy Riley ceased being a member in good standing of our organization over two years ago when she switched to the Democrat Party after finishing third in the Republican primary for Lieutenant Governor.

"And sadly, her voting record reflects her change in allegiance," Mrs. Chambers continued. "We don’t want any Republican women in Senate District 37 to be confused.

"She may be using an old photograph of her days as a Republican woman, but Nancy Riley is decidedly not a Republican anymore, and I along with Republican women around the state of Oklahoma heartily endorse Dan Newberry for Senate in District 37," Chambers proclaimed.

About the author:
Mike McCarville has covered Oklahoma politics and government since he became State Capitol Correspondent for The Tulsa Tribune in 1966. Since, he has been a governor’s press secretary, investigative reporter, television station news executive, radio station program director and talk show host, and political consultant. In 1980, he founded The McCarville Report and it is the nation’s longest-running state political publication. In its online version, it has been called "The best political blog" by Dr. Keith Gaddie, pollster and pundit and "Oklahoma’s venerable McCarville Report" by The Arkansas Times.  McCarville, also a real estate investor and commentator for the National Rifle Association on and Sirius Satellite Radio, is a regular contributor to Tulsa Today