Betrayed by popular culture

Editorial:  It has been our fear of big brother that has fueled the fright of a government that becomes all-inclusive in our lives.  George Orwell, in his book, 1984, set the stage for what some have since coined the “big brother,” or “Orwellian,” fear that has set the groundwork for the subtle way in which our minds and thoughts have been taken over.

Over the past fifty or so years it has been a government held by a one party system that Orwell warned us about that we expected to tear away our rights and leave us destitute for both a true history and our civil liberties.  Instead, the very institution to which we have depended on to guard our rights has been the very institution that has chiseled away at those very rights.

I am speaking of the mass media, especially news conglomerates both printed and broadcast plus the entertainment industry.

Ironically it has been with little fanfare that we have caved into the sublime stroking of our subconscious, that like herded animals we have accepted the prodding.  I remember a friend of my son who owned a Border Collie, a herding dog used around sheep.  The friend invited my son over for a party at his home and as the guest mingled together the dog would gently nudge the guest until he had every one of them cornered in one room.

The dog knew exactly what he was doing, the guest, however had no idea what had happened even after they were in the room for a considerable amount of time. Only a couple of people including my son realized what the dog had done. He was extremely subtle about how he corralled them, never jumping on them, just a gentle nudge in the direction he wanted someone to go.  We have been nudged along over the past few years until we have reached a point in which many of us cannot make a decision without facing the Mecca of Mass Media and paying homage.

Whittled away over the years has been our ability to decide what is good and what is bad or even better, what we need.  It is no longer in vogue to disagree with the status quos. Instead we are chastised if we find ourselves on the wrong side of an issue.

For most of my life it was contemplated that it would be a right wing ideology that would lead to Big Brother. And that “free,” thinking would be a punishable crime.  In my opinion it has been exactly the opposite that has sent us to this point in our American history.

It has been the Left or Liberal political establishment that has pointed us in this direction.

A week before the presidential election and based on what is in the major media print and the national broadcast organizations our president has already been elected.
No matter what the voters may decide, the national press has picked our next president, Barack Obama.  If they have, then we will see some more chipping away of our now growing limited amount of rights in the near future.

And I want you to understand something. I am not saying presidential candidate Obama could not be elected in his own right. At issue is the now inflated power of the press (mass media) to control our voting habits and especially our decisions.  With this added power will come an expansion of power into our lives like we have never seen before.

By controlling the politics of this country, you control the country and especially the future direction in which you want this country to head.  It is scary, especially when you hear well-known, Hollywood stars make comments that it is the kiss-of-death, job wise, if those in charge find out you may have some conservative ideals.

Can it be stopped, to be honest, I really am not sure if it can be at this point.  The only hope I think is that enough people realize that it is a real threat and take a stand.  I believe everyone has a right to their opinion and most importantly, they should have a right to express that opinion without fear of retaliation.

As a note of interest about my opinion, take a few minutes to read up on the last 18 months worth of media mergers that have taken place.  Most states have a press association and most of those will have archived material on who now belongs to whom. It will be give you a real shock and add to my case about what we are experiencing.  At the current rate of buy outs, we’ll be down to a half dozen news sources nationwide in the next ten years.

If that doesn’t wake you up, then maybe it is too late.

About the author:Bryon Spires is the editor of the Havana Herald of Quincy, Florida and contributes news and editorial for Tulsa Today.  Spires may be reached by e-mail to