Limbaugh challenges Obama to debate

World Net Daily is reporting that with Democrats targeting talk-show host Rush Limbaugh as the de facto head of the Republican Party, the radio giant is now inviting President Barack Obama on his show for a face-to-face debate about policies important to America’s future.

"I am offering President Obama to come on this program without staffers, without a teleprompter, without note cards to debate me on the issues," Limbaugh said on his program today.

"Let’s talk about free markets versus government control. Let’s talk about nationalizing health care and raising taxes on small business. … Let’s talk about illegal immigration and lawlessness on the borders. Let’s talk about massive deficits and the destroying the opportunities of future generations." The offer comes in the wake of a published report by the Politico stating White House insiders have been targeting the No. 1 rated host now that President Bush is out of office.
Limbaugh said the debate could take place without spending a single dime of taxpayer money, offering to fly Obama to South Florida at the host’s own expense, lodge him at the five-star Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, and even feed him $100-a-pound beef."

If you take me out," Limbaugh said addressing Obama directly, "if you can wipe me out in a debate and prove to the rest of America that what I say is senseless and wrong, do you realize you will own the United States of America? You will have no opposition."

"You’ve debated the best out there. You are one of the most gifted public speakers of our age, I would think, Mr. President, you would jump at this opportunity," he added.

Regarding his being placed on a so-called "enemies list," Limbaugh offered this analysis:

"It’s amazing. In 1972, Richard Nixon had an enemies list, and the media was outraged by this.  They were outraged. At the same time, those who weren’t on it were a little jealous. But they were outraged that a president would engage in this kind of behavior toward the media. Now they go after a private citizen. Rahm Emanuel is leading the team going after a private citizen, and the Drive-By Media applaud, get on board and help further the mission. We live in different times."

As WND previously reported, Limbaugh has verbally slammed the economic stimulus plan of Obama and the Democrat-led Congress, calling it an assault on capitalism intentionally designed to harm the private sector and lead to bigger government.

"This is a full-fledged attack on capitalism, and the leftists Democrats have been seeking this for the longest time," Limbaugh said. "That’s why they can’t stop themselves. It is Christmas morning every day for these people. There’s nobody that can stop them."