Obama’s Toxic Brew

Analysis: It’s not witches, but the three warlocks of the new administration – President Obama, his chief Chicago-Machine-henchman Rahm Emanuel, and his tax-cheating Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner – who are boiling the American people in a cauldron of their own, not with poisoned entrails, eye of newt, or toe of frog, but with a fatal mixture of a trillion-dollars of so-called “stimulus” dollars, draconian tax hikes, doomed-to-fail bailouts, and additional healthcare and other expenditures that are, above all, designed to bankrupt the United States of America.

As people helplessly watch their life savings, 401ks, real estate assets, children’s college funds, financial viability, and everything that affects their jobs, security and investments vanish as the Stock Market hurtles downward toward its crashing point, they hear unmistakably gleeful cackles emanating from the leftist radicals who now occupy the Oval Office and the Congress.

Why are they cackling? Why are they gleeful? Because they have finally been catapulted into power and are now able to translate their deep loathing of everything that has made America great – free-market capitalism, the U.S. Constitution, small government, low taxes – into their own Socialist-cum-Marxist-cum-Communist vision.

Obama’s oft-stated “share-the-wealth” philosophy was just the starting point. He’s in a good mood and serving $100-dollar-per-pound steaks in the White House precisely because the Dow Jones average is tanking. This is because he believes, perversely, that punishing the majority of Americans is a way to redress the “sins” he so often attributes to America, and to avenge the have-not career victims who have convinced themselves – and been convinced by liberals and leftists – that the world owes them a living.

As one blogger has documented, since Obama has taken office – and in the face of a devastating recession – he has:
·   Raised taxes on small businesses, the engines of entrepreneurship and job growth.
·    Raised the capital gains tax.
·    Lied about "tax cuts for 95% of Americans," offering instead 13-dollars a week, achieved not through tax cuts but by changing the federal withholding tables!
·    Destroyed charitable giving by axing the tax breaks for 26 percent of all giving (or $81 billion in 2006) because charities reduce the role of Big Government.
·   Proposed a carbon cap-and-trade scheme designed to punish oil companies and further tax consumers.

But the above laundry list doesn’t include the president’s stated intention to inflict Americans with the debt of even more trillions of their hard-earned money by granting amnesty to multimillions of illegal aliens; changing the Mortgage Interest Deduction, which will result in further erosion of home prices and values and lead to a second energy crisis; bankrupting the coal industry with punitive demands on emissions and huge government fees; bestowing $20 million for Palestinians (read Hamas terrorists) to migrate to the U.S.; cutting defense spending, which Oliver North has said is “tantamount to unilateral disarmament”; and, again, in the middle of a devastating recession, funding abortions for women outside of the U.S.! You get the picture!

But in case “the picture” is not clear, Obama’s intention is to cause such devastating losses to all Americans that they will welcome government intervention – and the nationalizing of all major institutions – as their last best hope for survival.  Sound familiar?  It should.  This is exactly the plan that all megalomaniacs, like Marx and Lenin and Mussolini and Hitler and Mao and Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro and Osama bin Laden and the president’s other guiding lights – radicals Saul Alinsky, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Louis Farrakhan, Father Michael Phleger, terrorist Bill Ayers, et al – have spoken and written about in their toxic philosophies of Black Liberation theology, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and Terrorism.

What do all of them have in common?  A deep envy and hatred of America, and a desire to destroy the freest, most benevolent, and, yes, most powerful and rich and militarily strong country in the history of the world!


The short answer is that they consider “the masses” stupid, indeed too abysmally ignorant to conduct their own lives.  Of course, the corollary to this arrogance is that they consider themselves far better equipped, by dint of their superior intelligence, to orchestrate and choreograph – through Big Government – the lives of the stupid masses from cradle to grave. And who should lead this government? Why of course an oligarchic elite which decides, ala Karl Marx, “from each according to his ability; to each according to his need.”

To that end, for decades on end, the leftists among us have systematically engineered:
·   Cruel welfare systems that suffocate ambition, destroy families, deprive people of good educations and the acquisition of marketable skills, and create life-long dependency;
·   Dumbed-down school systems that discourage independent thought, foster feelings-driven curricula, elevate union demands over education, and discourage parental school choice, as the Obama administration is now doing by eliminating school vouchers (while he sends his daughters to a $55,000-a year private school). 
·   The colossal hoax known as man-made global warming which imposes punishingly harsh environmental strictures not only on the stupid masses but also on any exploration of the vast oil resources extant in this country, as well as the building of nuclear facilities, both of which promise total energy independence, possibly in less than a decade.
·   The subprime-mortgage crisis on both our country and the world, which forced banks to follow our government’s “fair”-lending edicts in order to be – what else? – “fair” to people who couldn’t afford homes, never mind that the 92 percent of Americans who pay their mortgages faithfully now have to pay for the eight percent who don’t.
·   Courts with liberal judges who routinely flout the U.S. Constitution to bring about laws that trample on religion and sanction the wholesale killing of unborn babies, among other violations.
·   A media that mindlessly echoes their dogma.

Neat trick, isn’t it? Create a dependent class of “victims,” make sure they stay needy and ignorant, guarantee that we spend billions annually for foreign energy sources when we already have in abundance in America, push the entitlement concept of “fairness” to its inevitable breaking point of massive bankruptcies, seat judges who violate their oaths to uphold the Constitution, and gain control of a media that perpetuates a hate-America ethos.

It’s hard not to come to the conclusion that Obama and his acolytes simply don’t like America. That’s right – the country that gave them everything, made them who they are, blessed them with a bounty of freedoms and unlimited opportunity – this is the country they are now trying to destroy.


Like all radicals, President Obama and his minions are following the tried-and-true path to a revolutionary takeover. That path usually starts with a charismatic figure – either a puppet or the real thing – who is good at hiding his real agenda and equally facile at capitalizing on a crisis. As Obama’s alter-ego Rahm Emanuel stated when the stock market began to tank – with suspicious timing, just weeks before the election – "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. This crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not do before."

The crisis-du-jour is followed by the puppet-in-question (or the real thing) reassuring the nervous masses that he can make things better, “change” the situation and provide “hope” for a better tomorrow. And like clockwork, the nervous masses heave a collective sigh of relief. This is followed by the puppet-real thing offering even more assurances, which he backs up by citing the experts he will call upon to help him – in the case of Obama, the same experts who failed to predict or solve the problem in the first place!

Once the puppet-real thing takes power, his tone immediately changes. Rather than reassurances, he reverts to doomsday predictions, pronouncing that the crisis is even worse than it appeared – a potential “catastrophe.” And he tells the nervous masses that the only way to solve the crisis is to spend their money – not thousands, not millions, not multimillions, not billions, but trillions!

Working at fever pitch – the better to actualize his takeover agenda before the nervous masses catch on to his malevolent intent – the puppet-real thing then launches into a multi-prong assault on all aspects of the society the majority of the nervous masses still love and cherish, its flaws notwithstanding: the banks, the auto industry, the healthcare system, the education system, the environment, the credit system, philanthropy, religious institutions, any dissenting media, et al.
And to deflect attention away from the machete he is taking to the body politic of America, the puppet-real thing creates multiple diversions – photo-ops and interviews with Oprah and People magazine; a media-titillating conflict with the president’s arch nemesis and greatest threat, Rush Limbaugh; and the purchase of a puppy for the first daughters.

And to bolster his agenda, the puppet-real thing takes to telling big fat whoppers that he trusts the stupid masses will believe.  He says his will be the “most transparent” administration in American history but, oops, it’s the least transparent, in fact it is smothered in secrecy.  He says the American people will have five days to read on the Internet any bill he submits but, oops, never happens!  He says that no bill he submits to the Congress will have earmarks but, oops, the last bill had 8,500 slabs of pork.  He says he will not pay for weapons systems “we don’t use” but, oops, fails to tell the American people that he is abandoning the Ballistic-Missile Defense and not upgrading nuclear weapons, submarines, and other vital weapons imperative for our defense – in essence making sure that the superb, heroic and second-to-none U.S. Military will be unable to defend our country from the many enemies that have vowed to annihilate us.  That, and a concerted effort to quash gun ownership right here at home, which will further insure a defenseless America.  Have I mentioned just how much the radical left loathes our country?

The next step for the puppet-real thing is to address the nation, as Obama did in his State of the Union message.  “So I ask this Congress to join me in doing whatever proves “necessary.”  Necessary, that is, to create a Socialist America, or, in my opinion, to skip Socialism and go straight to Communism!

As American war veteran Oliver North has written, “Those unfamiliar with history may not recall that this is exactly what Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler asked their legislatures to do in creating National Socialism.  In the midst of rising unemployment and economic crisis, both men asked for, and got, legislation to do what was `necessary’ and promised new private-sector jobs would be generated by government-funded programs, new tax laws, and novel `lending rules.’  It worked.  Private companies did hire workers to build rail systems, highways and autobahns, invigorated auto industries, and in Germany, the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world.  The rest is history we all know.”

Yes, the most gruesome “history we all know.”

At this point, only halfway through the president’s first-hundred days, a slumbering public – including former cheerleaders from the left – is beginning to wake up and, with growing alarm, question everything about Obama’s toxic brew, from his bizarre overtures to the leaders of terrorist  regimes to his profligate out-of-control spending, to what blogger Dinocrat has described as the Obama administration’s “galactic incompetence.”

But questions are not enough. Now is the time for equally alarmed Americans to put their representatives’ phone numbers on speed-dial, to write them daily e-mails, to join the tea parties that are proliferating throughout the nation, and to work as never before to wrest the Congress from Democrat control in 2010. If not, we’ll have to choke on Obama’s toxic brew for generations to come.

About the author:
Joan Swirsky (http://www.joanswirsky.com/) is a New York-based writer and author who can be reached at joansharon@aol.com.