Brogdon announces exploratory committee for governor

Contrary to polling data showing early support for the office at 1.3 percent, State Senator Randy Brogdon announced the formation of an exploratory committee for Governor of Oklahoma in 2010 in a late Sunday e-mail claiming the campaign was "In response to the groundswell of support." 

“As State Senator, I have tirelessly worked to improve the lives of all Oklahomans,” said Brogdon. “From protecting our constitutional freedoms from Washington-style politicians to reducing our incomes taxes, I have always put the needs of all Oklahomans above the wishes of any lobbyist or special interest group.” 

The SoonerPoll, conducted by Keith Gaddie and Bill Shapard, shows Democrat Drew Edmondson and Republican Mary Fallin lead the possible primary elections for governor next year. Edmondson lead the contest with Lt. Governor Jari Askins 41.9 to 28.7 percent, and Fallin leading Congressman Tom Cole 53 to 31.1 percent and Senator Randy Brogdon drew 1.3 percent the first week of March.
 Regardless Brogdon said, “And as a native Oklahoman, I think it’s time we have a Governor who believes in right and wrong, not just right and left.  That’s why I am proud to announce the formation of my exploratory committee for Governor of Oklahoma.”

When asked for the timeline of his official announcement for Governor, Brogdon replied, “There are several actions that need to take place before we make the official announcement.  Until then, we are currently raising money and laying down the groundwork for my upcoming campaign.”

Gaddie said in an earlier report published on Tulsa Today (click here for story), "My initial reaction is that Randy Brogdon is definitely smoking something if he thinks he has any shot at all to become governor … the biggest shock for Sen. Brogdon will be that NO ONE KNOWS OF HIM (Of those that do, he polls 3.8 percent favorable, 3.6 percent unfavorable)."
Party insiders suggest Brogdon is betting his campaign on nontraditional sources of national fundraising.  They say he believes large contributions from the most conservative Americans nationally can overcome his lack of name recognition within his home state.

For more information about Randy Brogdon, visit or his State Senate Site or use the Tulsa Today search feature to find all articles published here mentioning his name.  The editors recommend the interview work titled, "Tulsa senator thinks river tax is all wet" and "Conservatives should support river infrastructure" an editorial of disagreement with Brogdon’s position on the development of the Arkansas River within Tulsa County.  

Randy Brogdon is the State Senator for District 34 which covers Northeastern Tulsa County and portions of Rogers County. He and his wife of 37 years, Donna, currently reside in Owasso, OK.