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Felony charges possible over Bob Jack mailer

Candidate Bob Jack

Updated: The Tulsa County Election Board has received and forwarded complaints to law enforcement that County Commissioner District 3 Candidate Bob Jack’s campaign mailer in mid-June was illegal ballot harvesting. Multiple complaints have been forwarded to the Tulsa County District Attorney’s office. Tulsa Today reported June 20th that Jack’s mailer violated privacy and risked identity theft, but the story keeps growing.

Update 1: Rachel Roberts, Director of Communications for the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General today notified Tulsa Today that they, “received a recusal from DA Kunzweiler’s office and we are in the process of assigning the case to another DA for review,”

The official definitions of “Absentee Ballot Harvesting” include, “Partially or fully completing an application for an absentee ballot on behalf of another person without that person’s prior consent.” Bob Jack’s campaign mailed absentee ballot applications to voters that included their full legal names, addresses and birthdays completed on the form without their “prior consent.”

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GOP Turmoil in Tulsa; Invalid Leadership?

Republican Party of Tulsa County 2.27.2021

Updated: In a series of interviews with local Republicans it is clear the Republican Party of Tulsa County is deeply fractured. Vice Chairman Rebecca Marks Jimerson has gone missing from party activities, other officials are nonresponsive. This writing is a call for accountability so the party may repair and respond successfully to local, state, and national challenges. Sadly, there are questions of legitimacy in the last Convention. Further, if there are leadership betrayals by party officials, should we dare elect the same officials to public office?

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Abuse by Caretaker Charges

An Edmond man has been charged with Abuse by Caretaker following an investigation by the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU). Gerald Ngwa, 37, was arrested on July 22, 2022, by an MFCU agent and an Oklahoma County Sheriff Deputy.

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Seizure stops Fentanyl headed to OK Prison

Intelligence gathered by agents from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections’ (ODOC) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) resulted in the seizure of 2,500 fentanyl pills intended for an Oklahoma prison the agency reported today.

Inspector General Ted Woodhead estimated the value of the pills inside a prison to be at least $125,000.

“The value of these pills could potentially be more depending on the security level of the facility,” Woodhead said. “It’s a lot of pills to be seized at once.”

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AG O’Connor to SCOTUS: Stop danger

Attorney General John O’Connor Thursday announced Oklahoma has joined a coalition of 19 states filing an amicus brief at the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in Texas v. United States.

The coalition opposes the federal immigration policy, which halts nearly all arrests and deportations, even for immigrants convicted of crimes, and drastically ties the hands of immigration officers.

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