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Sara E. Hill: Cherokee Embarrassment

Editorial Analysis: President Joe Biden’s nominee for the vacant federal judgeship in the Northern District of Oklahoma endorsed by OK Senators James Lankford and Markwayne Mullin has managed to humiliate Oklahoma supporters, the Cherokee tribe, and her profession during her testimony to Congress.

As she was interviewed by Sen. John Kennedy, (R-La.) during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, Sara E. Hill appeared ignorant of basic legal and Constitutional terms.

According to, When Kennedy asked Hill the difference between a “stay” order and an “injunction” order — two orders frequently issued by federal courts — Hill stumbled through her answers.

“A stay order would prohibit, um, sorry. An injunction would restrain the parties from taking action. A stay order … I’m not sure I can, actually can, can give you that,” she said.

An injunction is an order from the court that prohibits a party in a case from performing or ordering a specified act as the case continues, either temporarily or permanently, sometimes referred to as a temporary restraining order.

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OSBI Confirms Court & DA Concealed Records

The article published today by V1SUT Vantage is shocking. In 2023 Americans daily see a two-tier justice system in many Democrat Party controlled cities, but this story proves a multi-tier justice system in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Apparently, courthouse officials hide “Alphabet Mafia Crime.”

Bartlesville, in Washington County, is a beautiful small city nestled in the rolling hills of Northeast Oklahoma. It enjoys an upper middle-class lifestyle made possible for decades by corporate giant ConocoPhillips. This unique progressive community heralds the Price Tower (a Frank Lloyd Wright 19-story landmark), OK Mozart, thriving artistic outlets and many Christian Congregations.

They also have an active, if not militant, LGBT community that has embedded key players into the power structure of the court system and elected public office. They have generated national publicity for using courts to silence opposition to public drag shows that allow attendance by minor children.

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OU gets national attention – wrong

The University of Oklahoma recently made national news—for the wrong reasons.

An investigation by The Wall Street Journal found that some of the United States’ best-known public universities “have been on an unfettered spending spree” with the bill “passed” on to students—and OU was identified as one of the worst offenders.

Between 2002 and 2022, the Journal found enrollment at OU increased 15 percent, but tuition increased by 36 percent even after adjusting for inflation. And, once student fees were included, the combined rate of growth was even more dramatic.

“At the University of Oklahoma, per-student tuition and fees rose 166%, the most of any flagship,” the Journal reported.

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Rep. Martinez to resign September 1 – in context

Oklahoma City –- Representative Ryan Martinez, R-Edmond, plans to resign from his legislative seat effective September 1, 2023. He pleaded guilty on August 1 to physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated, a felony. It also known as “non-driving DUI.”

Last year, Martinez was charged with control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. He failed a field sobriety test on October 26, 2022, secured release from jail, and was charged with a felony in late December. Martinez had a prior case of driving under the influence in 2014.

The legislator verbally attacked Governor Kevin Stitt in 2022 over Stitt’s position concerning tribal court orders. He was a persistent critic of the chief executive officer’s position countering efforts by the state’s largest tribes to assert control over up to 42 percent of the state.

Martinez verbally attacked the state’s chief executive officer over one of his 2022 vetoes, involving legislation supporting tribal court orders impacting the Department of Public Safety. He called the governor – a member of the Cherokee Nation – “racist,” having previously derided Stitt over his plans for ARPA funds.

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Human Services host sessions on aging

In May, Oklahoma Human Services will host 10 listening sessions in five different cities across the state to assess the needs of aging Oklahomans. Through these open forum listening sessions, the agency plans to gather critical information from the current aging community and its providers to help in the development of a Multisector Plan on Aging. The agency is inviting Tulsa residents to participate Tuesday, May 9 at Life Senior Center at Southminster (3500 S. Peoria Ave.) from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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