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School, Student Texts To Include Parents

The House today adopted Senate amendments to a bill that would require school personnel engaging in electronic or digital communication with a student to include the student’s parent or guardians. House Bill 3958, authored by Rep. Sherrie Conley, R-Newcastle, now moves to the governor. This is good news for Oklahomans raising children.

“There have been absolutely too many reports of inappropriate digital communications shared between educators and students, whether that be inappropriate pictures or texts of a sexual nature,” Conley said. “These have long-term devastating effects for young people and can ruin the lives of educators when they are wrongly accused. It’s our desire that teachers and coaches be able to share homework assignments or team communications freely with their students, but including a parent or guardian protects the students and the educators from any potential impropriety. This also keeps parents fully engaged in their child’s education.”

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Oklahoma State of the Parties

Analysis: While it is likely Will Rogers, Oklahoma’s Favorite Son, would be a Republican today, his quote from back in the day on party politics declared, “I’m not a member of any organized political party, I’m a Democrat.” He might enjoy that both parties now question their own organizations.

What is the primary goal of a political party? Is a party’s mission to represent membership in public debates or to increase the numbers of registered members and level of participation? Are party goals better accomplished from the top down or grassroots up? How can members ensure county and state leadership represent their views? Can any party remain viable with competing, if not contradictory, agendas? Are “establishments” in parties working against their own majorities?

Bruce Niemi, Chair of the Tulsa County Democratic Party, in an interview with this writer said, “People are getting into politics for all kinds of reasons. They used to be just lawyers. Currently I think it is mostly preachers and teachers.

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OK’s Immigration & Integrity Bills Praised

Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with two million activists nationwide, including thousands of Oklahomans, Wednesday praised Governor Kevin Stitt and state lawmakers for leading the nation in addressing illegal immigration and election integrity, two top concerns for Americans.

Heritage Action released the following statement from Executive Vice President Ryan Walker after Governor Stitt signed HB 3156, a bill to ban the use of ranked-choice voting (RCV), and HB 4156, which bans sanctuary cities and makes illegal immigration a state crime:

“The safety of our communities and integrity of our elections are two of the most important issues for millions of Americans across the country. As Joe Biden, progressives in Congress, and Left-wing activists in states push an agenda that undermines our sovereignty, Oklahoma is fighting back.

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OK Defiance of Global Tyranny

Sen. Dusty Deevers, R-Elgin, in a media release today is calling on the legislature to defend Oklahoma’s sovereignty against the creeping influence of global governance. If passed Oklahoma Senate Bill 426, by Rep. Rick West, R-Heavener, and Sen. George Burns, R-Pollard, would be a defiant stand against the encroaching powers of international bodies like the WHO, UN, and WEF. This legislation is a declaration of independence from authoritarian global tyrants who unashamedly oppose and threaten American liberties, and it boldly asserts that international directives shall have “no force or effect” to undermine the laws or sovereignty of Oklahoma.

Highlights of Senate Bill 426:
● State vs. Global Authority: SB 426 allows WHO recommendations, not WHO dictates. Sets a firm boundary against international control over Oklahoma’s laws and freedoms.
● Prompted by Presidential Moves: Addresses the threat of WHO treaties that President Biden is expected to endorse on May 27.
● Following Louisiana: The Louisiana Senate recently passed a bill nearly identical to SB 426 in a bipartisan and unanimous 37-0 vote.

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The Cost of Illegal Invasion

How much money does illegal immigration cost the taxpayers of Oklahoma and the people of the United States? Billions upon billions of dollars. I have never figured out a way to accurately come up with an estimate, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure the sums are astronomical.

Now, I don’t particularly blame the millions of people pouring into America to seek out a better life for themselves and their families. The blame, of course, lies with Joe Biden who basically declared after he was elected that “the southern border is open! Come on in!”

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