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OK House completes session bill filing

The Okla House completed bill filing Thursday for the second session of the 57th Legislature. A total of 1,361 House Bills, 16 House Joint Resolutions and 4 House Concurrent Resolutions were filed. Some will pass after debate, others after changes and some are nothing more than P.R. stunts by fools in hubris.

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Energy the battle in OK 5th District

Stephanie Bice, Candidate for OK-5th District

The Oklahoma difference from representation by Left or Right in Congress is shown in the current battle for Oklahoma’s 5th District. Democrat Kendra Horn is now challenged by State Senator Stephanie Bice, Republican, in a race pivoting on the energy industry.

In a media release, Bice wrote: “Last week, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives took direct aim at the domestic energy industry, one of Oklahoma’s most important industries, by banning new offshore oil and gas drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and the ANWR Coastal Plain. 5th District Rep. Kendra Horn supported all three measures.

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