Obama’s Poison Ivy

Analysis:  After only two months of the Obama presidency, Americans are horrified, angry, depressed, and on the verge of full-scale revolt against the president and his toadying Socialist acolytes for doing their best to destroy our once-vibrant economy, inflict decades of debt on our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and usher in what historians will surely record as "The Age of The Hubristic and Incompetent Presidency".    

This assessment is borne out by polls, man-and-woman-in-the-street interviews, escalating unemployment figures, and creeping inflation which threatens to become the hyperinflation that will put the final nail in an economy that up until 2006  "when the Democrats took control of the Congress" was on a consistently upward trajectory, with unprecedentedly low unemployment, and hard-working Americans enjoying the fruits of their labors. 

But all that changed when an inexperienced novice from the Chicago Machine offered "hope" and "change" to an electorate that had been brainwashed by a leftist media to believe that President Bush had lost the war in Iraq (wrong -we won! ), instituted  "unfair" policies toward our enemies via the Patriot Act, Gitmo, rendition, et al. (which kept us safe!), and  "supported an unfair" free-market economy (which kept about 92 percent of Americans flourishing!).   Yet in a mere two months, our radical leftwing president has:  –  Demoralized our heroic troops  with drastic cuts to our military budget.  –   Threatened to force our injured heroes  to pay their own healthcare expenses  since rescinded, but don’t count on that lasting.  –  Compromised our national security  by closing Gitmo with no plan for where the released terrorists will go.  – Mandated his kill-as-many-unborn-infants-as-possible agenda  by overturning the Mexico City Policy.  – Rewarded Hamas terrorists  with $900 million to replenish their killing machine against Israel.   –  All-but bankrupted our economy  and left future generations with mountains of debt.  –  Proposed a  "domestic security force"   complete with uniforms    that reeks of the Third Reich  Brown Shirts.  –  Launched his Acorn cronies to foist a  "Pledge to Obama"   "not to America" on the public.  –  Unleashed an army of incompetents  to deal with our economic and financial problems. 

Yet Obama persists in supporting those incompetents "and the  tax cheats"  who surround him.   

Why? I suspect that Obama  destroy-America agenda is to actualize his long-time hatred of the American way of life in order to convert America  exceptionalism into the documented history of Socialism  lengthy history of drastic failures.  Again, why? It is because Socialists like Obama  being kind here; it looks more like Communism to me   believe that minorities like blacks and Hispanics and unionists and women and gays and teachers are all too stupid to make it on their own in a capitalist system. Apparently, all of these career-victim groups agree with him, while ignoring all they’ve gained over the past hundred-years in genuine equality and justice, their serial grievances notwithstanding.  

Interesting, isn’t it, that our borders are being overrun by the real victims of oppressive regimes while our own home-grown  "victims" aren’t fleeing to any of the countries they revere   "like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, or the terrorist-supporting Mideast states like Saudi Arabia, Syria, or so-called  Palestine"?  But there is one thing our increasingly impoverished populace can thank the president for, which is saving them the cost   "well over $250,000" of sending their children to Ivy League schools.

Once thought of as both the realization of success and the path to both personal power and the  better life" that a free-market economy offered, the eight schools of Ivy status   Harvard, Yale, UPenn, Brown, Dartmouth, Princeton, Columbia and Cornell   have been distinguished by their academic excellence and selective admissions, although the past several decades have seen steadily increasing admissions of minorities.   

So who are the  "brains" of the Ivy League guiding our country in this perilous time, the top echelon who are pretending to have a clue about "fixing" the economy through the current recession-cum-depression? 

President Barack Obama:  Columbia U; Harvard Law School. Business experience: Zero.    Sec . of State Hillary Clinton:    Yale ;  Yale Law School. Business experience: selling Brownie and Girl Scout cookies in grade school.  Sec. of the Treasury (and tax cheat) Timothy Geithner:  Dartmouth;  ( Master  from   John Hopkins). Business experience: Zero.  Attorney General at Dept. of Justice Eric Holder:  Columbia; Columbia Law School. Business experience: Zero.  Sec. of Commerce Gary Locke:  Yale; (Boston U. Law School). Business experience: part-time jobs through college.  Sec. of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan:  Harvard ;  Master  from Harvard. Business experience: Zero. 

All of the above are Ivy Leaguers "the so-called best and brightest" who are running our country and effectively running it into the ground.  

God help us!  But there are plenty of non-Ivy idiots who are aiding and abetting the president  destroy-America agenda.  Vice President (gaffe-o-meter) Joseph Biden:  UDelaware; Syracuse U. Law School.  Sec. of Defense Robert Gates:  William & Mary; Master  from Indiana U; Ph.D. from Georgetown U.   Sec. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack:  Hamilton College; Albany Law School. Sec. of Labor (okay, her husband has tax liens) Hilda Solis:  CalState Polytechnic U; Univ. of Southern CA.   Sec. of Transportation Ray (Chicago Machine) LaHood:  Bradley U.  Sec. of Energy (the man-made global-warming huckster) Steven Chu:  U of Rochester; Ph.D. from U of CA.  Sec. of Veteran  Affairs General Eric Shinseki:  U.S. Military Academy; Master  from Duke U.  Sec. of Homeland Security (don’t protect the Mexican border) Janet Napolitano:  Santa Clara U (CA); U of Virginia Law School.  Sec. of Education Arne (Chicago Machine) Duncan:   Sec. of Health and Human Services Kathleen (yes to abortion) Sebelius:  Trinity Washington U; Masters from U of Kansas. 

And that is not to omit the positions of people who also enjoy Cabinet-rank, the president  all-important Council of Economic Advisors.    Chairwoman Christina Romer:  William & Mary; Master  from Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT). Business experience: Zero.  The Office of Management & Budget  Director Peter R. Orszag:   Princeton ; Master  from London School of Economics. Business experience: Zero.  The United States Trade Representative Ambassador-designate Ronald Kirk:  Austin College; U of Texas Law School. Business experience: Zero.   The United States Ambassador to the United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice:  Stanford U; Master  and Doctorate from Oxford. Business experience: Zero.  The White House Chief of Staff Rahm (Chicago Machine) Emanuel:  Evanston School of Ballet; Sarah Lawrence College; Master  from Northwestern U. Business experience: worked at Arby’s  restaurant while in high school.   Then there are the two Representatives   and architects of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac implosion, both with Zero business experience   Cong. Barney Frank (Harvard) and Sen. Chris Dodd (Providence College, U. of Louisville Law School).

And let’s not forget the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke (Harvard; Ph.D. from M.I.T.), whose business experience involved working construction in high school and as a waiter through college.  Okay, I take it back. It  not just the poison Ivy set, but also those with fancy credentials from other schools who have demonstrated that their guiding leftwing philosophy translates into disastrous economic policy. Incredible, isn’t it, that a bunch of eggheads and career politicians with no practical, hands-on, real-life experience in the business world are purporting to be  experts" in getting us out of the mess many of them helped to create!   

POISON KILLS!    Today, these arrogant know-nothings, particularly President Obama and his lackey-in-chief Tim Geithner, are asking an increasingly skeptical   if not cynical   Congress to grant them the power to, in effect, seize more and more private enterprises, the better to speed up the nationalization of  all  profit-making businesses. Oh how they loathe private enterprise, entrepreneurship, rugged individualism, and America  spirit of freedom! Oh how they revile  "and love to flout"  the U.S. Constitution! Oh how these elitists love cramming their poison pills down the gagging, choking, suffocated throats of Americans!     

"Swallow this poison!" they demand.  So what if you, the taxpayer, paid for the first $180-billion stimulus dose  that didn’t work, and the second $345-billion housing bailout dose  that didn’t work , and the third $700-billion Wall St. bailout dose  that didn’t work , and the $1.5-trillion in debt that the Federal Reserve bought from the U.S. Treasury dose  that didn’t work , and $3.1-trillion U.S. budget  that won’t work?

"Swallow it! And if you don’t like the taste, if it  making you sick, well too damn bad!"    But be warned. While President Obama and Sen. Dodd are exhorting AIG (American International Group) employees to give back the bonus money they got, they plan to keep the $101,322 and $280,000 they gleaned, respectively, in political donations from the failing company, while all the time plotting to sugarcoat the next poison pill they want to cram down the craws of Americans. 

How so? Dodd (and Barney Frank, for that matter) will continue with the duplicitous double-talk and evade-responsibility two-step they’ve become so adept at over decades. And Obama will continue  reaching out" to the public in gaffe-ridden appearances like his recent foray on The Tonight Show and in overkill public forums in which he will subvert the English language to tell Americans that poor is rich, oppressed is emancipated, tyranny is benevolent, and that the bad taste in their mouths from his next poison pill is good for them!   

This is how the leftist so-called intelligentsia works. Say the exact opposite of what you mean and rely on the people you consider both stupid and gullible to believe it. To this point, Americans have given President Obama a grace period to get his bearings and hit his stride "the  honeymoon" period, so to speak, sort of like when a new bride (the American people) and the new groom (the president) get to know each other, size each other up, and see if they’re compatible.  

For people like me, as for multimillions of Americans  "including increasing numbers of Democrats and Independents"   the honeymoon is over! We don’t like  your  America or your friends and colleagues or your plans for our future. And we detest the poison pills that your poison Ivys have crammed down our throats.    But thank you anyway, Mr. President, for single-handedly mobilizing our electorate to wrest away the Congress in 2010 from the anti-American Democrats who now infest the House and Senate.

About the author: Joan Swirsky (http://www.joanswirsky.com/) is a New York-based journalist and author who can be reached at mailto:joansharon@aol.com.