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Interview: Libertarian Pres. Candidate Jo Jorgensen

As we reported in June, the Libertarian Party kicked off its presidential election campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma, following on the heels of President Trump’s campaign event the week before.

The Libertarian ticket headed by Jo Jorgensen also features Spike Cohen as Vice President.

Both have extensive experience in both technology and business, with Jorgensen having run software sales and consulting businesses and Cohen having run a web design firm for over a decade.

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FBI treason: Lawyer betrays America

The FBI attorney who altered evidence (email) as part of a conspiracy to obtain a secret court warrant to spy on a Trump campaign adviser before, during and after the 2016 election admitted to one count of making a false statement before a federal judge in Washington.

The now-former FBI assistant general counsel Kevin Clinesmith August 19 made the plea deal with prosecutors, who agreed on a sentence maximum of six months. Judge James Boasberg set sentencing for Dec. 10.

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Open the schools, end the panic, let’s roll

Joy Pullmann writing for The Federalist offers a powerful analysis on why prominent Democrat politicians have started making huge concessions on reopening schools.

Back in May, Pullmann writes, Democrats pounced after President Trump supported reopening. Despite the data finding precisely the opposite, it quickly became the Democrat-media complex line that opening schools this fall would be preposterously dangerous to children and teachers.

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Small blasts preceded the big Beirut blast

Reuters is reporting that the Beirut port explosion was preceded by a series of blasts, the last of which was a combustion of fireworks that apparently set off a warehouse full of ammonium nitrate, an seismological and munitions expert said on Thursday noting that six of the blasts ahead of the main explosion were spaced at 11-second intervals.

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“Hot Cup of Joe” coloring book

Published by Castle Point Books and available at Walmart; “Hot Cup of Joe : A Piping Hot Coloring Book with America’s Sexiest Moderate, Joe Biden” may be one the most bizarre political pieces in the history of campaigns.  For only $11.98, here is visual propaganda every collector could cherish.

Shown with a “buff” body never attributed to Biden (even as a teen) and white hair that doesn’t show a trace of his famous hair-plugs; this is Hot Joe. Titled a “moderate” the piece is behind the campaign. Biden now brags he will be the most progressive president in American history if elected. Or so he says now if he can remember the topic.