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Some Black Lives Don’t Matter

I grew up in a segregated neighborhood where within 3 months of our Doberman’s death, our house was burglarized 4 times. Thus, a new architectural feature: burglar bars. I can’t imagine my old neighborhood with no police to protect us. Our experience reflected the 2016 and 2019 studies showing no racial bias in police shootings—what Harvard’s Roland G. Fryer Jr. called “the most surprising result of my career.

Year after year, this Boomer Black woman has seen the country change for the better. It was the ever-present burglar bars that made me appreciate integration all the more. Now I can live in any neighborhood I choose. As Black people moved through an integrated society, negative attitudes changed. While the Great Society’s federal poverty programs helped around the edges, the rules for some programs encouraged mothers to jettison their children’s father from the home. Fatherless children are more likely to be high school drop-outs, thus limiting their opportunities for the future. There must be more to social policy than throwing federal dollars at “the underserved.” Reliance on government money is the road to a permanent low income. This saps the recipient of dignity and the spirit of achievement.

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Libertarian Presidential Campaign Launches from Tulsa

Tulsa is not used to being the center of U.S. politics. Being strongly Republican, the Republicans don’t feel the need to campaign here and the Democrats don’t see the point. Additionally, as a flyover state, major media doesn’t pay much attention to what happens here, anyway.

However, the Coronavirus lockdowns have changed the political landscape. Because Oklahoma has not been impacted by COVID-19 as much as the rest of the country, we have also been faster at reopening. Presidential candidates, chomping at the bit to begin their campaign, have found Tulsa to be a prime location to start.

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Tulsa Welcomes President Donald J. Trump

Photo by Brad Harrell, Tulsa Today

Updated: Patriots are gathered by the thousands early this morning in celebration of America and the successful leadership of the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

Tulsa Today and friends are in the crowd and will be reporting throughout the day. For local broadcast reports, click on the following links: KJRH, KOTV, KTUL and KOKI.

A analysis will be posted soon of the speech.

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George Floyd tragedy fund established

Mural at Mauerpark in Berlin, Germany May 30, 2020 depicts George Floyd (photo: REUTERS)

A GoFundMe page dedicated to the memory of George Floyd, organized by his brother Philonise Floyd and the family attorney, has raised over $9,012,730 as of this posting from 346,2000 donors worldwide and has been shared on social media over 228,600 times. It is a far better way of honoring the man and his family than destruction and hate.

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Iran’s new nuclear bomb plant revealed

The prestigious Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security published on Wednesday a jaw-dropping report on its website outlining a newly revealed Iranian regime nuclear weapons plant that was discovered by Israel.

Three scientists, David Albright, Sarah Burkhard and Frank Pabian, wrote that “based on documents in the Iran Nuclear Archive, seized by Israel in early 2018, Iran’s Amad Plan created the Shahid Mahallati Uranium Metals Workshop near Tehran to research and develop uranium metallurgy related to building nuclear weapons.”

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