Don’t do it Governor!

Analysis:  Governor, the Oklahoma House of Representatives is right and they don’t know the half of it.  The House voted against naming the OKC based band Flaming Lips’ song “Do you Realize” the official state rock song.  Unfortunately, Governor Brad Henry appears eager to pander to talent-less musicians, drug abuse and sexual perversion – possibility a demographic Gov. Henry believes could be helpful in his next job.

I was afraid of this.  I editorialized about it last year here on Tulsa Today.  I noted that teeny-boppers had already nominated completely inappropriate material from their flavor-of-the-month bands.  I even sent my article to the Oklahoma Historical Society.

First consider the band name, The Flaming Lips; taken either from porn film or it is a pot-smoking reference.  Band members admit stealing equipment from a church to get the band started.  They sing “Jesus Shooting Heroin” about a come-on from the Virgin Mary.  One member had his hand amputated due to an infection from shooting heroin.

They blaspheme, use all manner of profanity, even in public, and sing about sexual lubricants.  Their first album, recorded in OKC, spoke of ‘this town full of dumb f**ks’.  If Governor Henry goes through with his plan tomorrow, he will prove their point.  I’m sure they are giggling in their bongs.