OK premiere of Barking Water at Circle Cinema

Frankie is dying. He needs to see his estranged daughter one last time and turns to Irene, the love that he left years ago. The two set out on a journey, confronting the past, love, and forgiveness. Barking Water is a tale of home… and what it takes to get there.
Writer and Director Tulsan Sterlin Harjo used an Oklahoman cast and crew to tell this tale which is set and filmed entirely in this state. Even the production companies involved, Indion Entertainment Group and Dolphin Bay Films are Oklahoma based. Oklahoma, the land itself, acts as a silent character in the film for even as they travel, it is always there – watching, listening, and moving with them.
Sterlin Harjo, a native of Holdenville living in Tulsa, belongs to the Seminole and Creek Nations and is no stranger to filming in Oklahoma. His first feature film, Four Sheets to the Wind (available at many local movie rental stores), premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and quickly gained support with audiences and critics. His new film, Barking Water was selected for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and won the Worldfest Bronze Remi Award for Creative Excellence. “Barking Water will charm audiences with its mature story-telling and Native American sensitivity,” writes Jonathan W. Hickman of EINSIDERS.COM. Barking Water was also selected for Venice Days, Venice, Italy 2009 and deadCENTER Film Festival, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2009.

Richard Ray Whitman, who worked with Harjo on Four Sheets to the Wind, leads a very talented cast as Frankie. Whitman is from Gypsy Oklahoma and a Yuchi tribal member enrolled in the Muscogee/Creek Nation. He has appeared in many films including “War Party,” directed by Franc Roddam, “Lakota Woman,” directed by Frank Pierson and produced by Jane Fonda and “Missionary Man,” directed by Dolph Lundgren. Irene is played by Casey Camp-Horinek, a long time Native Rights activist, environmentalist, actress and member of the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma.
Barking Water will be showing at the Circle Cinema May 22-28 and tickets go on sale May 21 at 3:00pm. The evening of May 22 and 23 their will be Q&A with the filmmaker and also on the evening of Saturday, May 23, there will be live music from Fiawna Forte. The Circle Cinema is located at 12 S. Lewis in Tulsa. This film is an Indion Entertainment Group and Dolphin Bay Films movie. All rights reserved. More information about the film is available at our website, www.barkingwaterfilm.com. For show times and ticket prices, please call the Circle Cinema at 918-592-FILM (3456) or check online at www.circlecinema.com.