Mayor recognizes Tulsa Blue employees

Monday, 13 July 2009
Mayor Kathy Taylor announced today that five City of Tulsa employees have been recognized for providing exceptional service to their fellow colleagues and citizens through its Tulsa Blue employee recognition program.

“Every day I am impressed by the dedicated and extremely talented City of Tulsa employees who serve our citizens.  Donna Richey, Ken Neal, Shawn Flaherty, Kathryn Bell and Joey Phillips are all shining examples of public service.  Their dedication in going above and beyond the call of duty to help their coworkers and to make life better for the citizens of Tulsa is a true testament to what it means to be a public servant,” Mayor Taylor said.
In a special recognition ceremony at City Hall, Mayor Taylor presented Tulsa Blue awards to the following City of Tulsa employees:

Donna Richey, Finance/ Revenue Collections & Enforcement Administrator was selected for this program because of the excellent way she has handled calls from property owners in regards to the ballpark construction on top of numerous duties added to her position.

Her coworkers agree she has handled everything with great eloquence and grace, while displaying a positive attitude.

Stephanie Roudabush, a fellow employee said, “Donna is always smiling and making everyone’s day better with her positive attitude and encouragement. She stays late to make sure that her projects are finished on time and are of the highest quality.”

Ken Neal, Information Technology/Voice Services Section Head played a vital role in moving Utilities Services to the new City Hall at One Technology Center.  He is widely known for his professionalism in helping all of the sections he serves, spending many hours resolving issues.

Ken is a valued source of information regarding his adopted systems at One Technology Center and according to coworker, Edward Lydens, “Mr. Neal should be recognized for what he does and the value he brings to the City of Tulsa that can’t always be measured by stats.”

Shawn Flaherty, Information Technology/Computer Support LAN Associate Consultant is well-known for providing excellent customer service to City employees. The Legal Department offered high praise for Shawn’s dedication, especially during a past holiday weekend where he worked from the afternoon until nearly 11 p.m. to resolve a problem.

Deirdre Dexter, Legal Department director, said, “It’s not just legal ‘management’ that receives Shawn’s professional, friendly and high-quality service and attention. Every member of the legal department who has needed assistance has remarked on how great Shawn is.”

Kathryn Bell, Tulsa Police Department/ Forensic Nursing Administrator will mark 15 years at TPD this coming December.  She currently serves as the department’s S.A.N.E. (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) coordinator and has made vast improvements to the S.A.N.E. program and to facilities used at Hillcrest Hospital, as well as implementing a program for pediatric S.A.N.E. exams, extending the value of the S.A.N.E. program to children in the Tulsa area.

Kathy has also been instrumental in initiating and implementing a program to medically assist and examine children victimized in Methamphetamine Labs, as well as helping victims of Domestic Violence receive medical and evidentiary follow up at the Family Safety Center.

Kathy has proven multi-tasking skills and has amazed her coworkers and the citizens of Tulsa with her dedicated efforts at improving the lives of crime victims.

Sgt. Mark Mears said, “Kathy does an amazing job and while she toils away, she makes us all look good.  If you know her, you find that no matter what daunting task is given her, no matter what difficulty befalls her, she is always ready to help and she does so with a smile; a positive attitude and a drive that makes us proud to know her.”

Joey Phillips, 911 Public Safety/PSC Telecommunicator (Police and Fire Dispatcher) is the guiding force behind the 911 Public Service Communications booth at Hallowzooeen.

For the past four years, Joey has organized, choreographed, recorded music, built sets and props, designed costumes, and selected the theme, bringing 911 employees, Tulsa Zoo employees and Zoo Friends, and many others together – all for the sake of the Zoo’s annual fundraiser.

Joey’s tremendous investment of personal time (including the use of a week of his vacation time), imagination, his own money, and infectious zeal has raised the bar for Hallowzooeen entertainment at this well-attended and family oriented event.

“Without Joey Phillips’ indefatigable leadership and enthusiasm,” said coworker Kathleen Bradford, “this would be just another boring booth with people handing out candy. Instead, he has turned it into a place where kids stand open-mouthed with wonder at the dancing and lip-synching entertainers.”

Seven employees, nominated by their fellow colleagues, have been recognized to date with certificates of recognition, as well as thank-you plaques, and a Tulsa Blue polo shirt bearing the City of Tulsa logo, which signifies their induction into this elite group.

Eddy Tijerina in Human Resources and Tulsa Police Sergeant Skipper Bain were the first two recipients inducted into the Tulsa Blue program. Blue is the dominant color in the City of Tulsa logo and symbolizes the “New Kind of Energy” our employees are experiencing and the citizens we serve.

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