Meet Kris Allen, American Idol 2009

A Tulsa Today Special

The highly anticipated 2009 American Idol tour, featuring the top 10 contestants from the show’s eighth season, arrives at the BOK center on July 24th.

Featured performers include: Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud, Megan Joy, Michael Sarver, Scott MacIntyre and the new American Idol Season Eight Winner, Kris Allen.

In a coveted interview, Tulsa Today met with Allen briefly to gain a little more insight on this talented artist, his new projects and the current tour.  “I’m looking forward to our performance in Tulsa. We’re doing something like 10 little shows and we are all really excited about it,” Allen said.
“Everybody is ready to sing and entertain. That’s what we are in the business for and we’re looking forward to doing that.”
Allen, who is working on his first cd compilation now, said he is trying to figure out the right songs for it.

“I can’t wait. It’s been a lot of co-writing,” he said. “I‘m happy about that.”

A gifted musician, Allen spent a number of years in orchestra, under the instruction of Principal Bass Player for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, James “Jim” Hatch.

In a Tulsa Today exclusive, Hatch states, “My main idea of Kris is that he is very talented and has the ability to pick up on things right away–style wise.  That is very evident.  He has written songs on his own in the past and that will be something that comes easily for him.”

He continues, “I’m reminded of the quote, Don’t give me inspiration, give me a deadline.  Kris will have to deal with that.  He is the type that gets totally immersed in his work, so he’ll be able to handle those deadlines.”

One of the world’s leading viola players, Allen is also described as a musician that knows what to do with Mozart.  “That is really part of his overall talent. He can pick up anything and play or sing it,” Hatch said.

Among other influences, Allen credits both Hatch and his best friend from college, Matt Carpenter for contributions to his success.

Tulsa Today met up with Carpenter, who was just returning from a trip to Africa, for some additional detail.

Carpenter states, “For those just now getting to know Kris, I’d say the one thing to realize about him is that he is truly humble and that he is quite an unassuming guy.  For as talented as he is, he has never sought the spotlight.  It tends to find him.”

Together, Carpenter and Allen have traveled the world to places such as Spain and Morocco on mission trips.

When asked if he thought Allen’s new success would impact their friendship, Carpenter stands firm.  “I have seen him develop a lot throughout the years and I’m going to be here for him in the future.”

(Hear a raw segment of the telephone interview with  Matt Carpenter, talking about his best friend Kris Allen. This is audio recorded for a clip, following the initial interview.  Despite some cell phone challenges, we decided to go ahead and post the segment. Enjoy!)

Allen, who was born in Jacksonville, AR, married his beautiful wife Katy in September 2008, immediately following the conclusion of this year’s American Idol live two hour season finale on FOX, when Allen was crowned the 2009 winner.

A record breaking 624 million votes were cast overall–more than any other season in the show’s history.

The American Idol tour is on the road from July-September 2009. Doors will open at 5:30pm for the July 24 BOK Center performance.

Ticket prices for this event range from $40-$69 and can be purchased online at The show begins promptly at 7pm.

American Idol is created and executive produced by Simon Fuller, founder of 19 Entertainment and executive produced by Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO, FremantleMedia North America; and Ken Warwick, executive producer, FremantleMedia North America.

American Idol season nine auditions will be held this summer in Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Los Angeles, and Denver.  For more information visit

Or, to learn more about the new 2009 American Idol, visit Kris Allen’s Official Website. To read more about Arkansas, where Allen plays after Tulsa, read our previous review on Little Rock.

Tulsa Today is pleased to welcome Kris Allen and the American Idol Tour to Oklahoma.

All material in this article was officially authorized by the American Idol Tour.

Although there are several authorities in the vast area of music, we are proud to quote Allen’s teacher and to offer Tulsa Today reader’s this exclusive interview. Your support has been inspiring. Be sure to read the follow-up review on the American Idol Tour in Tulsa