Katherine Jackson awarded custody of children

Los Angeles–In a news released sent out from The Associated Press this afternoon, it was reported that Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff has granted Jackson’s 79-year old mother permanent custody of her three grandchildren.

Beckloff listened to objections from Michael Jackson’s dermatologist and Dr. Arnold Klein. After doing so, awarded custody to the grandmother along with a monthly stipend.

Things also look favorable for Jackson’s mother in her attempt to seek executive control of the Jackson estate.

Beckloff is considering whether she can take on this task and supersede the two men who are administering her son’s estate.
“Court filings show that attorney John Branca and music executive John McClain have already received millions of dollars of the singer’s money, property and a life insurance payout,” Fox news reported.

“According to Jackson’s 2002 will, 40 percent of his estate goes to Katherine Jackson, 40 percent goes to the children, and 20 percent goes to various charities.”