Farts heard as Woods wins Buick Open

In the final round, after shooting a 3 under par, Tiger Woods won the Buick Open this past weekend for an amazing third time.  

Woods was quoted as being in  "fine form" at Warwich Hills, where he was 20 under for the tournament, helping him claim his 69th PGA Tour victory.   Golf fans everywhere were elated over his most recent win, but it  the events that happened at the 18th green, that has everyone talking. 

Apparently, a loud fart was picked up by the microphones nearby while Woods and his caddy were there.  Controversy about who did it has been growing.     

Woods and his caddy Stevie Williams have both denied that it happened.  Interestingly enough, this is the second time a fart has been associated with Woods on the greens.    

View video replays of both events at these addresses:   Incident One   Incident Two