City announces new OSU/OU tuition program

Tuesday, 04 August 2009
Mayor Taylor announced today that City of Tulsa employees will now have a scholarship program available at OSU-Tulsa and OU-Tulsa starting for fall enrollment at both institutions.

OSU-Tulsa will provide full-time City employees who pursue any OSU-Tulsa undergraduate or graduate degree program a scholarship for half the cost of tuition for up to six hours each semester.

The City of Tulsa scholarship program at OSU-Tulsa is the equivalent to the tuition assistance program OSU-Tulsa offers to its own employees. More than 80 OSU degree programs are available on the Tulsa campus.

OSU-Tulsa has budgeted $50,000 for the program, which will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The scholarships are funded by the University Center Trust at no cost to the City of Tulsa.

OU-Tulsa will be offering City of Tulsa employees 10 percent off tuition and waiving application fees for the upcoming fall semester in the following OU-Tulsa undergraduate programs: multidisciplinary studies and early childhood education.

OU-Tulsa graduate degrees that are part of the program include architecture, human relations, knowledge management, library and information studies, organizational dynamics, public administration, social work, educational administration, electrical and computer engineering and telecommunications engineering.

Students applying for the OU-Tulsa programs must be full-time City of Tulsa employees and must be fully admitted to OU-Tulsa in good academic standing, going by the same guidelines of full-time employment and admission to any undergraduate and graduate OU-Tulsa degree program.

“I want to thank Dr. Trennepohl, President of OSU-Tulsa and Dr. Clancy, President of OU-Tulsa for providing support to our City of Tulsa employees to further their education,” said Mayor Kathy Taylor.

“We have had cost-cutting measures and have asked employees to do a lot and continue delivering quality services to our citizens. This pilot program with the universities is a way to take the first steps to accomplish that goal. The opportunity for City of Tulsa employees to further their education at OSU-Tulsa or OU-Tulsa will not only benefit the employee, but bring additional expertise and skill to the City of Tulsa.”

Requirements for City of Tulsa employees to qualify for the scholarship program include: admittance to an OSU or OU degree program during the first semester, full-time employment at the City of Tulsa, supervisor’s approval and the submission of the City of Tulsa scholarship application upon enrollment.

“I want to thank the OSU-Tulsa and the UCT Authority Trustees for approving this scholarship program,” said OSU-Tulsa President Gary Trennepohl. “Helping City employees pay for their college degree aids the City during this economic turmoil. And, it’s a way for OSU to thank the City for creating the University Center Trust to promote higher education for Tulsans.”

Once in the program, the employee/student must remain in good academic standing to continue to be eligible for a tuition waiver for future semesters. The program will be reviewed after two academic years.

“Education is one of the key components in advancing Tulsa. OU-Tulsa is engaged in all aspects of education in Tulsa – from early childhood to improving health by offering clinics in schools to our graduate programs in education leadership,” said Dr. Gerry Clancy, OU-Tulsa president.

“The City of Tulsa has been a great supporter of OU-Tulsa. We are happy to help their employees advance their education during these difficult economic times.”

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