Thinking about dreams

By journaling about the patterns of dream symbols it can serve as help by translating the dreams that we really feel the need to know about.

Today dreamers and dream analysis researchers looking for data for common dreams, still turn to Sigmund Freud’s’ theories of human dreams more than 100 years later.

During this time Sigmund Freud started a psychiatric practice that focused on the interpretation of dreams. It was discovered dreams are an experience that all people share.

Common Dreams
People have so many genetic characteristic traits in common. This is the reason that we are able to create huge databases of common dreams analysis information.

They are made readily available online and are a great source of finding out what dreams are made of in general.

Dream dictionaries are a wonderful way to learn about a relevant example of a dream you’ve had and wondered what dream meanings may apply to it.

Not always is the dream analysis applicable to every individual. One of the most common dreams that people have is about teeth or a tooth . Here are a few different dream meanings.

A clover field in a dream is a fortunate augury, especially if the clover is in bloom. Bees in -a clover field augur prosperity and contentment.

those who are in love are likely to have slight disagreements if they dream of cogwheels in smooth motion. If a tooth on one of the wheels is broken it predicts disaster to a love affair.

It is bad luck to dream of seeing cobwebs on any article that should be kept bright with use, such as a Bible, toothbrush, etc. It is good luck to dream of cobwebs on bottles of wine.

It is a sign that you will never go hungry if you dream of picking cotton. To walk through a field of ripe cotton foretells ease unless you are accompanied by an undesirable companion, in which case the portent is of worry. To put medicated cotton in an aching tooth means that you will have a visitor. To see a cotton-gin at work is a sign that you will suffer a disability.

Becoming a parent is a wonderful point in a couples’ life. But there is always the fear of the unknown. With that fear is often fuel for dreams before, during, and after pregnancy. Having children and getting fat are common dreams and main worries for woman.
What if you had quintuplets?

If you dream about having quintuplets here’s what it means
It is a favorable augury to dream of seeing a group of quintuplets of any age or sex. An early marriage is predicted to lovers and a happy home life to those who are married.

It is a portent of obstacles overcome for a woman to dream of giving birth to quintuplets.
A woman with a desire to be pregnant may dream spiders, being fat or giving birth.

If a married woman dreams of giving birth to a child, great happiness and a large legacy are foretold. For a single woman, loss of reputation and desertion by her lover. It is a warning against careless behavior.

Birth Words that we Dream About

BIRTH CONTROL- this is a propitious dream for married people. The prophecy is of sturdy children who will prove a blessing to their parents.

BIRTHDAY- To be present at a birthday celebration predicts poverty to the young; to the old, many troubles and loneliness

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