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Friday, 07 August 2009
OKLAHOMA CITY–Gov. Brad Henry, D-Okla., issued the following column:

School may be starting soon, but summer is still in full-swing in farms and gardens around the state, giving everyone a great opportunity to enjoy wonderful, fresh meat, fruits and vegetables produced close to home.

Oklahoma is blessed with a long growing season each summer. Fresh tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, okra eggplant, watermelon and more are one of the great pleasures of a summer in Oklahoma. All this and more can be found in farmers’ markets around the state.

It’s no secret that many Oklahomans–like many other Americans–aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. That’s a shame; this time of year, nothing tastes better than food straight from your garden or a local farm.

Buying local food helps keep a number of small, diverse farms operating in Oklahoma. Some of these farms have been in business for generations and others are just getting started, but buying local helps to preserve an important part of Oklahoma’s agricultural heritage and supports the local economy by keeping your money in the community.

Farmers’ markets allow the consumer to talk one-on-one with the farmer about how the food we eat is grown. Some small, local farms specialize in growing organic produce using natural fertilizers without pesticides and herbicides.

A visit to the farmers’ market can also be an education for kids who may not know where their food comes from or realize the incredible variety of foods that can be grown so close to home.

Many communities around the state have farmers’ markets, so most Oklahomans are just a short drive away from delicious food, fresh from the farm.

For even more local food options, Oklahomans can also contact the Oklahoma Food Cooperative at

Despite all the great reasons to buy locally produced foods, there’s no better argument than the incredible taste. I encourage every Oklahoman to eat locally produced foods and learn how delicious a state Oklahoma can be.

If you have questions or comments, please write me at the Office of the Governor, Room 212, Oklahoma City OK 73105 or visit the "Contact the Governor" section of my website,

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