A birthday celebration with McCartney

A Tulsa Today Special Review

It’s safe to say that music legend Paul McCartney not only entertained a sold out crowd in Tulsa on Monday night in commemoration of the BOK Center’s first year of existence–he brought the house down.

For a magical two and a half hours, McCartney awed fans with songs such as “My Love,” “Let It Roll,” and “I’ve Got A Feeling.”

There were also numbers such as “Here Today” and “Blackbird,” which he did totally alone on stage.

By the close of the evening, he had performed a total of 34 songs–certainly more than most performers at any given concert.

Without question, the man works hard for the money.

Other great songs throughout the night included: “Drive My Car,” “Got to Get You Into My Life,” “My Love,” “Band on the Run,” “Back in the U.S.S.R.,” “I’m Down,” “Paperback Writer,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” “Yesterday,” and “Get Back.”

McCartney’s show was not only a tribute and a symbol of the escalating music scene in Tulsa–it was a breath of fresh air and a gentle reminder of success in a year that has been plagued with economic concerns.

Since the opening of the BOK Center, the Tulsa music scene has blossomed in so many ways–no other performer in the world could have symbolized that success better than McCartney.

Although his concert started nearly an hour late due to long-lines going through security, fans didn’t seem to mind.

Everyone was excited and eager to be a part of the celebration–McCartney’s show is reportedly the 140th event hosted at the BOK Center.

While the arena continues to experience a few growing pains, that has not impacted profit, which is repoted at over a million for this past year.

That’s success, anyway that one would care to measure it.

Although ticket sales are still being processed, Monday night’s show is believed to have been the highest revenue producing performance of any event this past year–certainly a compliment to the esteemed Sir McCartney, who is quite selective about the venues he will play.

At the age of 67, this legendary musical genius is living proof of the adage, “things do get better with time.” McCartney is better than ever.

Fans interested in viewing his live performance of "Hey Jude," at the BOK Center, can check out this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Vzi3GinP8w

Tulsa Today was pleased to be a part of the McCartney celebration. Our photographer Kevin Pyle was also on hand amid the thousands who turned out for this historic night — and what a show it was.

Last Updated ( Monday, 24 August 2009 )