Agriculture Secretary Vilsack announces $1 Billion to bolster rural infrastructure

Forty-six rural utilities and cooperatives will receive $1.6 billion in loans for system improvements for more than 100,000 rural customers, according to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

The loans, spread among 30 states, will include building and improving more than 11,000 miles of distribution and transmission lines for 109,250 rural customers. Two Oklahoma-based cooperatives will receive almost $40 million in loans.

"Our rural communities need reliable, affordable electric service to support business expansion and broaden economic opportunities, and President Obama is delivering on his commitment to invest in America’s infrastructure and create jobs," Vilsack said. "These loans will spur growth in rural America by helping cooperatives and rural utilities deliver improved service to more customers."

For example, Fox Islands Wind, LLC, in Vinalhaven, Maine, has been selected to receive a $9.5 million loan to provide clean, low-cost renewable energy through wind power. Fox Islands provides power to 1,900 consumers in rural Maine on the Penobscot Bay via submarine cable to the mainland, where electric rates range from two to seven times the national average. When the Fox Islands project is complete, it will be the largest coastal wind-power facility in New England and the second-largest facility on the East Coast.

Below is a complete list of the selected borrowers. Funding of each loan recipient is contingent upon the recipient meeting the conditions of the loan agreement.

Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas:

Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation; $40,000,000 loan

Colorado and Nebraska:

Highline Electric Association; $4,121,000 loan

Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Wyoming:

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc.; $102,511,000 loan


West Florida Electric Cooperative Association, Inc.; $19,845,000 loan

Talquin Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $47,571,000 loan

Idaho and Montana:

Missoula Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $17,837,000 loan

Idaho, Nevada, and Utah:

Raft River Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $7,225,000 loan


Monroe County Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $7,000,000 loan


Southwest Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative; $6,000,000 loan


Heartland Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $10,600,000 loan

Flint Hills Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Inc.; $5,000,000 loan

The Lane-Scott Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $9,860,000 loan


Big Sandy Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation; $10,397,000 loan

East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc.; $140,716,000 loan

Grayson Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation; $16,438,000 loan


Southwest Louisiana Electric Membership Corporation; $71,247,000 loan

Northeast Louisiana Power Cooperative, Inc.; $9,200,000 loan


Fox Islands Wind, LLC; $9,500,000 loan


Stearns Cooperative Electric Association; $20,000,000 loan

Crow Wing Cooperative Power and Light Company; $28,000,000 loan


Magnolia Electric Power Association; $31,000,000 loan

South Mississippi Electric Power Association; $55,663,000 loan


New-Mac Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $5,800,000 loan

Citizens Electric Corporation; $26,000,000 loan

North Carolina:

Central Electric Membership Corporation; $7,500,000 loan

Rutherford Electric Membership Corporation; $16,000,000 loan

North Dakota:

McLean Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $6,500,000 loan

North Dakota and Minnesota:

Square Butte Electric Cooperative; $13,235,000 loan


Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $21,182,000 loan


Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $15,246,000 loan

Northwest Oklahoma Electric Cooperative; $19,370,000 loan

Oklahoma and Texas:

Southwest Rural Electric Association, Inc.; $4,628,000 loan


REA Energy Cooperative, Inc.; $17,850,000 loan

South Carolina:

Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $118,935,000 loan

South Dakota:

Central Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $11,412,000 loan

Butte Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $13,331,000 loan

South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota:

Sioux Valley – Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $40,697,000 loan

South Dakota, Montana, and North Dakota:

Grand Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $10,890,000 loan


Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative; $15,000,000 loan

Duck River Electric Membership Corporation; $47,500,000 loan

Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative; $13,000,000 loan


Rita Blanca Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $12,216,000 loan

Rusk County Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $13,164,000 loan

San Patricio Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $8,545,000 loan


Central Virginia Electric Cooperative; $24,000,000 loan


Jump River Electric Cooperative, Inc.; $4,000,000 loan
Last Updated ( Friday, 21 August 2009 )