Fifth Congressional Candidate Blasts Obama “Interrogation” Policies

Kevin Calvey, a candidate for Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District, issued the following press release today:

Fifth District congressional candidate Kevin Calvey, an Army National Guard prosecutor, said the Obama Administration’s recently-announced policies regarding interrogations will result in more deaths of US military personnel and civilians.

In particular, Calvey blasted two Obama policies: first, removal of responsibility for high-value terrorist interrogations from the CIA to a newly-created White House interrogation team, which apparently will give Miranda-style rights warnings to terrorists before interrogating them; and second, the recent decision by Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate and possibly prosecute CIA interrogators merely for doing their jobs.

“For the Administration to take our Constitutionally-protected rights and give them to foreign terrorists is an insult to all Americans,” said Calvey. “It is throwing pearls before swine.”

Calvey deployed to Iraq during the troop surge in 2007-2008. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his mission prosecuting al Qaeda leaders and other terrorists in the Iraqi court system.

Calvey’s job involved working with military interrogators, FBI agents and Iraqi court personnel to bring terrorists to justice in the Iraqi system.

“I have personally looked into the eyes of over 100 terrorists,” said Calvey. “They hate us and hate our system of government. You will not impress them by giving them the same rights as other Americans. They will merely take it as a sign of weakness.

“This is war, not a US court process. Our enemies are NOT entitled to the rights protected in our Constitution. The only rights to which they are entitled are the rights we choose to give them. Currently, their only rights are the due process rights contained in the Fourth Geneva Convention, which are a legal review within a few days of detention to determine whether they are a security threat, followed by a similar review every six months. Not a trial, not Miranda rights.

“Furthermore, prosecuting CIA interrogators merely for doing their jobs will chill our nation’s ability to continue to collect intelligence on the terrorists who would destroy us. It’s questionable enough that the Administration wants to inhibit future interrogations, but it is a betrayal of loyal Americans to seek prosecution of those who were merely serving our country as CIA interrogators.”
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 26 August 2009 )