A Note From The Publisher And A New/Old Tulsa Today

altAmerica is awaking and so is Tulsa Today.  We’ve been around for 13 years, launching five redesigns and several technical advancements, but the failure of American journalism in 2008 must be reversed and we are perfectly prepared to help.

Tulsa Today has provided online local independent news since 1996.  We have well over 100,000 unique visitors each month and those numbers are growing.  We have always been “creative conservatives” in a community dominated by a Liberal daily newspaper repeatedly proven incoherent.  (See Great Plains Airlines and decades of praise for convicted criminal and former State Senator Gene Stipe for more detail.)

As an organization, Tulsa Today is not aligned with any political party.  In the State of Oklahoma, where it is virtually impossible to have a third party on the ballot, such choices are limited to Democrats that have controlled all government here for the last 100 years and, in the last few years, a growing body of active Republicans, occasionally disgraced by some that are truly insane.  Oklahoma knows the results of one party government, which has squandered massive oil and natural resources and left us a damn poor state. 

As you can tell, I am a publisher of strong opinion.  I have won two national awards as a First Amendment Advocate since the mid 80s and, as happened yesterday, I can walk in a public meeting and point out the players with history and purpose.  Unfortunately, that limits my ability to write as a disinterested journalist, therefore I am hiring them.

In the next few weeks, Tulsa Today will be introducing a new Executive Editor.  Younger, aggressive, and experienced from Atlanta to Alaska with print, online and social media, this man has been nominated for three Pulitzers and won countless other awards. His job is to tell the truth without fear in compelling ways that draws increasing number of readers to Tulsa Today and to hire and manage others for the same purpose.

altAs publisher, it is my responsibility to ensure that “truth telling” is accurate in every detail and to make clear to the entire staff why we publish and what we are here to accomplish.  Tulsa Today stands for God, Country and Community.  We believe the Constitution of the United States of America has provided the frame work from which individuals in freedom have built the most generous, gracious, environmentally conscious and human rights supportive nation history has ever seen.  We stand on the side of the individual and demand that the rights of each be protected from mobs that may be swayed by momentary emotion.  Our right to freedom is provided by God and must not be allowed to be taken under any pretense by government at any level.

Personally, I am no longer non-partisan, but rather anti-partisan.  I believe the preponderance of facts prove America has elected the first Anti-American Administration in history.  Yes, let me say that again slowly so the White House Enemy List folks can understand it.   I, Publisher David Arnett, believe President Barack Hussien Obama is anti-American.  Properly elected or not, the enemy of all America holds dear is now our Commander in Chief.

By the way, is there an “Enemy List Czar” (Wikipedia: Originally derived from the title Czar or Caesar who claims the same rank as emperor, with the approval of a supreme ecclesiastical official – in this case Barack Hussien Obama.)  Just curious, because I really don’t care after noting so many “Presidential Advisors” are followers of Marx and Lenin.

Obviously, reporters need to be less opinionated.  Journalists need to talk to all sides from all perspectives to find the truth.  I will pay them to find and write the truth – regardless.

Tulsa Today is supported by businesses through advertising.  Increasing numbers of businesses are awakening to the fact that this administration will destroy not only small business (the core of the economy) but all business and free-market capitalism if given the chance.  The Obama Administration believes, as Obama said, in the communist concept of “redistributing wealth” by force and they will tax everyone in everything for any or no productive purpose in the process. 

We support business.  We support individual freedom and a free market economy.

Unfortunately, those currently in power believe that individual liberty and all profit are the exclusive purview of government.  They believe that a just society may only be built from the top down and the public should suckle like little piglets upon the many tits of government nectar even while empirical evidence throughout history proves them wrong. They see themselves as the power elite ruling class.  They are committed to the idolatry of Barack Hussien Obama.

By the way, did I mention I was opinionated?  I will be writing editorial and analysis as I have always done, but I am delighted not to have to pretend to listen politely to people who disagree with proven science, economics and history.  I’m going to leave that up to the staff and – while not announced publicly yet – Tulsa Today is truly blessed with stunning talent.

Excellent evidence of that is available for your review with this site redesign.  Our prolific programmers, inspired graphic gurus, and insightful editors have accomplished a Herculean task in an incredibly short time, but there is more to do.  Other similar challenging tasks wait.  The first decade or so was just warming up.