Christianity And The Constitution Lecture Series

The USA Patriots are sponsoring a lecture series on Christianity and Constitutional awareness.

The purpose, according to organizers, is to remind people of the influential role and impact pastors and Christianity had on the founding of the United States.

The event, billed as “Of God and Country, The Series,” will be at 7 p.m., Thursday, at Kirk of the Hills, 4102 E. 61st St. A similar lecture series is planned for Nov. 19.

Scheduled speakers include Jason Murphy, pastor of New Life Church in Owasso, and Jeff Reed, associate pastor, Kirk of the Hills.

“What we’re trying to do is introduce the idea of Christianity and Constitutional awareness,” said Cris Kurtz, co-founder of The USA Patriots. “So much of our country’s history has become twisted. We have so many liberal professors who don’t teach our country’s founding on Judeo-Christian values. It was the pastors that got the American Revolution started.”

“We are a Christian nation, and we have Constitutional rights we are not exercising,” she added. “We are constantly hit over the head about the separation of church and state – and that’s not anywhere in the Constitution.”

The USA Patriots are a group of Northeastern Oklahomans that formed after the April  15 Tea Party at Lafortune Park.

“Our purpose and goal is to remind people that we would not have a United States of America without the pastors,” said Mike Kurtz, co-founder. “The Church has been politically correct for too long. Our goal is to go into the churches and host events and get preachers involved – like they were at our founding.”

“We want to unite together with pastors to get their congregations fired up to this idea – the idea of being engaged …  What is happening to our country is an assault on Christianity,” he added. “Christianity and those founding pastors are what birthed this country. We need to teach people that freedom and liberty come from God and the church has to rise up and defend that.”

More information about the group can be found here