Oilers struck by Thunder 5-1.

WICHITA, KS.–What a difference a week makes.  The Tulsa Oilers traveled to the Kansas Coliseum Friday night hoping to make it two wins in a row against the Wichita Tulsa's Derek EastmanThunder who entered the game with a 0-2 record.

Unfortunately the Wichita team took control early and never gave it up.  It started with two first period goals by Jason Duda and Mark Belanger and it all sort of fell apart from there.  It was only at the 7:04 mark of the 3rd did the Oilers Marty Standish find the scoreboard with a shorthanded goal.

The second period saw two fights that netted game misconduct penalties for Rick Kozak and Aaron Davis as well as Troy Ofukany of the Thunder, but at that point the show of force was wasted considering the lopsided scoreboard favoring the home team.

The Oilers now have to regroup and find a way to win a home opener in the BOK Center, which would be a first for the team.  Good seats are available at the Oilers offices, the BOK Center box office, and all Reasor’s locations.


Photos: Kevin Pyle