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Most dominant in college softball history

Ryan Chapman as published on is one of many writers to praise the 2022 Oklahoma University Softball Team writing that the “Sooners closed the year as the best team to ever take the field.”

The praise is justified.

“Oklahoma dominated in the early stages of the season, breezing through the Mark Campbell Invitational where Bahl fanned 14 UCLA Bruins, as well as conquering the Mary Nutter Classic despite a welcome befitting of a world renowned rock band,” Chapman wrote.

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Goodbye Lincoln Riley

It is easy to enjoy Sen. Bill Coleman’s requested legislation to properly “honor” Lincoln Riley. The bill request asks to name the last three inches of the westbound lane of State Highway 325 in the panhandle as the “Lincoln Riley Highway”.

National sports writers, the first in media to prove regular bias of reporting, weighted in with even Golf Digest and Yahoo Sports on topic. The New York Post, began with, “Oklahoma doesn’t seem to be taking its breakup with Lincoln Riley well.” They miss the point. This was not a breakup, but a betrayal and plunder, apparently begun during OU’s by-week. Thus the last games of the season did not have Riley’s full attention nor were they in his self-interest to win – a sin on players and fans to say nothing of his tax supported paycheck.

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OK stands for science in kid sports

Rep. Sheila Dills, R-Tulsa, today commented on statements from the NCAA that they will pull championship events from locations where transgender biologically male athletes are not allowed to participate in girl’s or women’s sports. The news came after passage of Senate Bill 2, the Save Women’s Sports Act, in a House committee last week.

The act requires public school or college athletic teams to be designated based on biological sex. Dills is a coauthor of the bill.

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