Police Horses Being Sold, Then Donated

Eight Tulsa Police Department horses will be sold to the Tulsa Community Foundation, which in turn will provide them for various non-profit programs in the area.

The Hillcrest Medical Center is donating the money to the Foundation for the purchase. The horses will be appraised and sold at fair-market value to the Foundation, a tax-exempt charity organized in 1998 to enourage and help personal and corporate giving.

The horses are being sold as part of a $6 million budget cut by the city due to declines in sales tax revenue. The Police Departmart is being cut more than $2 million, which includes laying off 21 officers, grounding its helicopters and eliminating the Mounted Patrol Unit.

The five officers assigned to the mounted unit will be reassigned.

“The City of Tulsa’s eight horse unit will be a smooth transition for non-profits to use, as each horse had acquired training to be around large crowds, young children and other animals,” said Mayor Kathy Taylor in a prepared statement.

” I would like to thank the Tulsa Community Foundation and CEO of Hillcrest, Steve Dobbs for finding such a positive solution for these eight horses to continue to serve Tulsa," she added.

Money from the horse sales will go to the city’s general fund. Appraisals could be completed as early as next week.

The Tulsa Community Foundation will accept donations for non-profits receiving a horse to help with costs for caring and other special needs the horse may need. Checks can be sent to Tulsa Community Foundation, 7030 S. Yale, Ste 600, Tulsa, OK 74136 with Memo line labeled: City of Tulsa Horses Fund.