Politically Individual or Systematic

It sounds good when politicians praise it and lame journalists write
it, but there is always a compelling case for some great authority to
“do something.”  Yes, with tears cascading upon the keyboard, writers of
ideological aggrandizing concoct in the name of “fairness” that
something must be done by government to “fix it.”  The “it” varies and
is usually a good sounding thing, but the specifics don’t really matter
in promotion. 

The point is the divide of outlooks.  The Left believes in a system approach.  They wish to manage all things and manically believe the perfect world – fair for all with peace, love, and universal healthiness and happiness – can be created from the top down by government. This occurs only if the regime controlled all money and means of production with the ability to direct our individual activities in the communal best interest.  This is the lie of “progressives” because there is no progress in this position.  Totalitarian control is an old lust for power abounding throughout history and, in every case, a failure.

The Right believes that individual liberty, creativity, productivity, and innovation, when applied with honor, can over time accomplish the greatest good for the individual, community and nation.  Radicals that founded America based their organization of the nation on these principles.  This was the greatest “progress” in the history of human society.  The Constitution of the United States of America limited government and guaranteed certain unalienable (can not be separated) rights to individuals.  History proves America’s success (in contrast to totalitarian efforts) by our economic growth and prosperity – at least until recently.

Fix It Failures

The “it” in housing was to help more people own homes. To “fix it” government programs pushed families into homes they could not afford and mortgage brokers to create fraudulent financial instruments on the open market.  Government regulators failed by deliberate corruption or criminal inattention to manage when clear signs of coming disaster first appeared. Both DemoRats and RepugNants were responsible.  Thus the “housing crisis” soon became the“financial crisis.”  

Will Congress or the Court hold hearings, assess responsibility, and demand accountability?  If they don’t … the citizens of America should.

The “it” in the financial markets featured highly educated fools in their own self-interest begging less knowledgeable elected officials with false claims that the “sky is falling” and all life as we know it will end unless they were immediately empowered with unlimited funds from government.  (Remember, no government ever makes money. Government can only take money from the people who actually earn it.)

The truth is that no business is too big to fail.  In a free market, former workers and management feed off the carcass of failure, then flee in freedom to create new businesses with innovation born of their past experience and training to survive, build and prosper, or not, anew.  This is the simple cycle of life – birds,bees or business – it all works the same.

The “it” of General Motors is even more transparent. They failed for many reasons, including product and marketing, but most significantly, from union demands that had escalated beyond reason over many decades.  The cost of union benefits killed General Motors and it would have been most fitting and good for the economy if the company had ended.  But Barack Hussein Obama’s election was strongly supported, if not corrupted, by both union money and thugs thus … Government Motors.

The “it” of the environment is truly pointless propaganda. Everyone (even a capitalist pig) wants a clean healthy environment.  No one wants to live in Chairman Mao’s China where you can not breathe the air or drink the water.  By emotionally escalating to “crisis” our natural love of growing things while demonizing man, the industrial environmental complex’s frequently fraudulent fellows (Al Gore and others) seek only fulfillment of personal greed.

There is no global warming – the earth has been cooling for the last decade – and climate change happens by nature.  Seizing tax money to support feel-good unproven if not unattainable goals, the environmental fanatics will destroy business for no positive purpose.  The “Cap and Trade” bill is a “Kill by Tax”proposal costing anyone who owns a light switch. That is not progress outside the environmental industry, unless you disagree with the right of individuals to own private property.

The “it” of health care reform is not healthy nor is it reform.  In Oklahoma, we have had national health care for decades.  It is called Indian Health Care and how it serves the people of each Indian Nation can be documented if there are any good investigative reporters left in America.  So how is that working for ya? 

President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, said you should "never let a serious crisis go to waste.”  His brother Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, President Obama’s health policy advisor at the Office of Management and Budget suggested that health care should be proportionally applied with the greatest benefit to citizens between age 15 and 50 years.  That would be rationed health care — delayed and denied in service to the greater good. That policy perspective is contrary to the Constitution which guarantees the individual right to life, liberty and property which cannot be denied without due process. 

Again, the Obama Administration is of the Left and they believe in system management of all things for the greater good.  That is Marxism, which is just Communism with fewer guns.  As a group, they have spent little to no time in free-enterprise working for a living.  They don’t know the challenges of small business.  They have prospered primarily by bureaucratic power-gathering and system development – community organizing if you like.

Obama said in a broadcast on Chicago Public Radio in 2001, “The Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth … The tragedies of the civil rights movement was, um, because the civil rights movement became so court focused I think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalition of powers through which you bring about redistributive change.”

Redistributive change can only be brought about in America by the collapse of the economy, which can happen when our currency ceases to be “good as gold” and becomes worthless.  It will be worthless when other countries and financial institutions decide they do not want to purchase the debt load of America’s massive spending.  At that point, it will take a wheelbarrow full of money to purchase a loaf of bread and you will need to grow your own vegetables to feed your family.

Then the“fix it” call will go out to some worldwide body like the United Nations to act in crisis and establish a new currency – a world currency.  Then we are paupers.  Then we are slaves.  Then America as we have known it is over. 

All hail Barack Hussein Obama as he may then be able to establish the redistributive change he, the heretic Jeremiah Wright, Marx, Lenin and others have so long worked to accomplish. 

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