Happy Thanksgiving 2009

altThere are so many things to be thankful for here in the Cosmopolitan Capital
of Indian Territory.  Personally, I first thank God and America’s
founding fathers who followed their faith to these shores and built
the most prosperous, charitable, just, and free society ever to exist
in the human experience.  I thank all in military service for their
sacrifices in defending freedom.  I thank my family; the six
generations of Oklahomans that by hard work built personal
profitability and provide for each other.

I thank Tulsa Today readers. Since 1996 we have talked here by e-mail, phone, at meetings and on the streets of Tulsa.   


Those thousands of daily communications small and large discussions
with occasional rants and raves have made us better reporters and the
publication a better reflection of our community.  I am grateful for all who have helped program, photograph, write, edit and produce
this interactive independent news service.  Some are now long gone to
other careers, but I remember each and thank them for their important
contributions.  We would not exist without them and loyal advertisers.

Come to think about it, I am also grateful this Thanksgiving for food and football – including my personal choice for the best coach in college football history, Bob Stoops, Oklahoma University.  Ok fine, so Tulsa University and Oklahoma State University fans may disagree around the table this holiday, but that makes life interesting.  (I am also a Minnesota Vikings fan, but that is a story for
another time.)

I welcome registered users to add your Thanksgiving Day message below (it’s free and easy to join).  Have a great holiday.