Pray for Massachusetts

The campaigns of Martha Coakley (D) and Scott Brown (R) to fill the US Senate seat long held by the late Ted Kennedy will be decided today by Bay State voters.  Tea Party participants and Republican Party activists have networked nationwide to support Brown.  Presidents Obama and Clinton with other notable Democrats in the last days of a lackluster candidate performance have rushed to help Coakley in what was thought to be a “locked” Democrat seat.  Apparently, Massachusetts voters take independent decisions on the future of America seriously.
As Americans await the vote, all we can do now is pray and we should – regardless of our faith.

We can pray that Massachusetts voters listened closely to both candidates, studied the issues, and analyzed the public history, recorded votes and character of each candidate.  We can pray that the true history of America has been taught and remembered with a working level of basic economics.
We can pray that voters see the difference beyond President Barack Hussein Obama’s warm and glowing glittering generalities of transparency and bi-partisanship to the throat-slitting bloody-back-room Chicago styled corruption that history is recording. 

Oklahoma could tell them about one-party rule by Democrats we suffered for 100 years.  We can testify how truly evil overwhelming political force can become and how specific media can enable evil.
We can pray voters note that if they write personal checks without value – it is a crime.  Nationally Democrats are doing the same.  Accountability may arrive at any moment the world financial markets decide the US Federal Reserve has not maintained the value of the US Currency.  (The Fed bailed out banks by adding zeros to balance sheets thus every dollar is now worth less.)  If worldwide markets decide the US Currency is not “good as gold” – it’s a confidence issue – our dollar bills will then be good for firewood, but likely insufficient to buy food.
We can pray that enough information has escaped the Democrat closed-door conferences on healthcare to cause the same questions in Massachusetts that bedevil the nation with sleepless nights.  Will this plan really improve care or just pad pockets?  Is it Constitutional to force young people to buy healthcare who choose for many “party-on” reasons not to?  Is it Constitutional to fine and subsequently imprison Americans for not purchasing a private product?  Is it Constitutional to exempt some states from the cost of healthcare as proposed by the “Cornhusker Kickback?”  We can pray for less expensive healthcare, but will the highest quality health system in the world be destroyed in the process? 
We can pray that even the most ardent environmentalists in Massachusetts took note of the climategate fraud on which “Cap and Trade” or the “Limit and Tax” energy bill has been proposed.  Candidate Obama said energy costs would “necessarily skyrocket” which he asserted was the way to reduce (thus green-up) energy usage.  We can pray President Obama will now shift his concern more to working families’ pocketbook energy perspectives – at least until the economy improves.
We can pray for open, responsive, accountable government that has never been found in any nation with only one political party in total control.  We can pray patriots of both parties are closely watching election activities not for party interests, but to protect honorable honest election results on which confidence in government resides.
We can pray citizens will take cameras and voice recorders to the polls which are public events open to  independent observation and reporting by anyone.  We can pray citizens note and record clandestine activity by any party activist for posting on the Internet, honest local media and law enforcement.
If Massachusetts was not in your morning prayers – take just a moment.  Outside of the Bay State, it is the most powerful thing we can do today for our country.