Fire Department Layoffs

Bill French, Public Information Officer with the Tulsa Fire Department
announced today that 147 members of the Tulsa Fire Department are
currently being notified that they should attend a meeting tomorrow
morning, January 22, at 0900 hours at the Tulsa Fire Department
Training Center,  1760 Newblock Park Drive. The fire fighters will be
notified of their status to be laid off and educated as to the process
of possible reinstatement possibility.

If the 147 fire fighters are laid off, the Tulsa Fire Department will run with 8-9 less fire trucks per day. This will not result in any station closings at this point because the Tulsa Fire Department currently has 12 fire stations that house two fire trucks. At this point the layoffs will not result in any demotions, but there is a possibility that eleven or twelve staff personnel will be transferred back to the field to fill vacancies resulting from the layoffs. The staff personnel will come from the Tulsa Fire Department Training Center, Investigations Division, Public Education Division and Code Enforcement Division.