Tyranny Of The American Media

As UK columnist and commentator Gerald Warner asks: “Why is it that the true view of Resident Barack Obama (you know, the illegal alien living over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington) is openly expressed in the major media around the world, but nary a word of it is printed in any of the newspapers in the United States? Increasingly, the red god of Islamic communism in the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, is becoming more immune from scrutiny from the media out of fear of the race word. Whenever he is criticized for his un-American actions, his communist actions, or the out-and-out theft of the wealth of the American people, those who criticize him are accused of being racist. That’s a First Amendment travesty.”

That travesty is because most in the American media are liberals, including a majority of writers and TV and radio people who are not well paid but still thrilled to be working in the field.  Overwhelmingly they take their marching orders from their bosses. Which leads to the obvious question: Why are so many media moguls liberals – you know, the people who flourish in this competitive world, thrive on free-market capitalism, and like their taxes low and their government non-intrusive.  Perhaps it’s the megalomania that often comes with being a head honcho. Call it the oligarch mentality, liking the notion of the few at the top calling the shots for the many beneath them.

Or maybe it’s the oh-too-cozy relationship between news and entertainment, the latter traditionally steeped in bleeding-heart causes and “feelings” and the former both eager and happy to be included in their lavish self-congratulatory affairs, the latest of which – the Screen Actors Guild Awards – led the “news” and featured Hollywood liberals dripping with bling while thousands of Haitians lay buried or dead beneath tons of rubble.

It is this same media that foisted Obama onto the national stage by failing to do their jobs professionally and with integrity. Like a collective of Dr. Frankensteins, they created their own monster. It is relevant to mention here that after nearly 3,000 innocent Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001, one of Obama’s closest friends and colleagues, Rev. Jeremiah Wright – who the media significantly chose not to expose for his rank anti-American, anti-white, and anti-Semitic ravings – whipped his congregation into a joyful frenzy when he said that the chickens (of revenge) had come home to roost (on American imperialism). Translation: Big bad America got what she deserved!


In a variation on that theme, on January 19 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the chickens of fear and loathing of Big Government came to roost on the abomination known as Obamacare. What MA voters said to Obama and his radical conspirators in Congress was essentially Don’t Tread on Me!
•   Don’t ram your socialized medicine scheme down our throats.
•   Don’t tax me to perdition.
•   Don’t slash Medicare funding by a half-trillion dollars and then deny the existence of death panels.
•   Don’t threaten and bribe your way to votes in backroom deals for this unconstitutional bill and think we won’t notice.
•   Don’t sneak in a provision forcing taxpayers to pay for the in utero murder of babies.
•   And don’t think you’re entitled to the seat Sen. Ted Kennedy worked tirelessly for over nearly half a century on the basis of an anemic campaign and a canned, teleprompter-assisted rah-rah speech.