Arnett on KRMG

Beginning Saturday April 3, Tulsa Today publisher David Arnett will host a live radio talk show on AM 740 and FM 102.3 KRMG news talk radio.  The two hour show will air once a week and focus on local and state issues with guest interviews and listener calls featured.

Following Rush Limbaugh’s Week in Review, the David Arnett Show will air on Tulsa’s top news, weather, and traffic station each Saturday from 4 to 6 pm.

Arnett said, “This is a very different adventure from that of a writer.  In print and online since 1985 I have covered issues as a journalist and editorialist.  In that work; the personal pronoun is avoided, rewrites and edits are standard, and a great deal more time in consideration of serious issues allowed.  Radio is live.  Topics can be prepared in advance, but where this show may go is anyone’s guess.

“I am greatly honored to follow Rush Limbaugh and to host a show on the most influential talk station in Northeastern Oklahoma.  The talent of Rush and Joe Kelly, Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and others is remarkable.  Each has their own style and issues of particular concern, but all love America and agitate for a brighter future for all citizens.  On the David Arnett Show, we will do the same.”

Arnett said, “Tip O’Neill — long serving Speaker of the U.S. House — once declared, ‘All politics is local,’ but if that is true then how much more is all media local?

“I believe problems of government and society can be solved from the ground up with individual commitments, family discussions, and community debate that then filter up to Washington.  Given the current challenges, the immediacy of war and financial crisis Americans must speed that process up.  God knows, the election of President Barack Hussein Obama and overwhelming Democrat control of Congress is moving us at ‘warp speed’ to some undefined if not bizarre collective nanny state , but issues on the local level are just as threatening to the principles of individual freedom and liberty.

“After twenty-five years as a working reporter in the heartland of America, I still have more questions than answers and on KRMG we will engage in broad debate, ask questions and seek solutions.

“For example, I want to know why it is not double jeopardy against citizens for public employees to be unionized.  A public union negotiates with elected public officials, but they are, at best, mid-management – the taxpayer is the boss and pays the bills.

“Functionally, this is like a manager giving everyone a raise while the owner is away on vacation.  When the boss gets back, he can fire the manager, but to pull back the raise would seriously offend the workforce.  Should the public not vote on a public union’s contract?  Are we not the boss of them!

“Any involuntary taking by tax, fee, permit, or regulation by government is plunder by force of law upon its people.  While some tax is the price paid for accomplishment impossible individually, government does not create wealth.  It only consumes the wealth of the governed – like a hideous all-consuming tumor when unrestricted,” Arnett added.

“In Tulsa we have development issues, budget issues, corruption issues, and questionable competency in public office.  This could be a great deal of fun.”

Arnett’s work will continue to be featured on Tulsa Today.