Mullet Over #394

Records indicate that the first time the word “robot” appeared in print was in a play (1921) by Karel Capek called Rossum’s Universal Robots.  In what is likely an unrelated matter: one blue fin tuna was recently sold for $177,000 at the Tokyo Tsukiji (pronounced “Tsukiji”) Market. A few decades back, the bluefin was held in such low esteem that its flesh was used as filler in cat food. Increased demands for sushi dramatically changed that scene.

Folks can get peculiar notions.  For instance,some guy in 5th century Syria decided that living on top of a stone pillar was“his thing.”  The man spent 39 years in all kinds of weather living on and never leaving his chosen pillar before becoming bored with the gig and climbing down. Someone was obviously impressed as the man is now referred to as “St.Simeon.”

For you TV commercial fans: the actress who portrays Flo, the Progressive Insurance lady, is Stephanie Courtney. The voice of the Geico Gecko is provided by Jake Wood.

The Pantanal Swamp (mostly in Brazil) covers at least 57,000 square miles, which is an area larger than England. Also in Brazil was located the largest and heaviest snake in-the-wild for which there is credible dimension evidence. The snake was measured in 1960 at just over 27 feet and weighed a verified 500 lbs.  How would you like to find that creature as you picked tomatoes?

Procrastinating readers in Salt Lake City beware. Anyone not returning a library book within five days of the due date stamped on a receipt can be subject to one month in jail and a fine of one hundred dollars.(Chapter 10.48.010) The punishment might seem a wee bit harsh.

Do you know anyone “afflicted” with sinistrality? That is the scientific term for being left-handed.

“Quebec” is the Frenchified word for the Algonquin “kebek.” Kebek means straight or narrow and was in reference to a local stretch of the St. Lawrence River.  Apparently explorer Samuel de Champlain constructed the current Quebec spelling in 1613.

In 2005 JAL (Japanese Airlines) mechanics discovered that two of the engines on one of its jets had been placed on the wrong sides. The “left” and “right” engines had been placed right and left which caused both to thrust in slightly improper directions.  More than 400 flights were safely completed prior to the discovery of the errors.

Well, contemplate consequences prior to moving onto a stone pillar and – have a great week.(