Senate Approves Three Pro-Life Bills

The full Senate has reaffirmed three pieces of legislation aimed at protecting the rights of the unborn in Oklahoma and the health of Oklahoma women.  Senate Bill 1890, by Sen. Todd Lamb, R-Edmond, would prohibit the performance of an abortion due to the sex of the unborn child.  Lamb said his measure and two others approved by the Senate on Wednesday were approved with bipartisan support.

“These bills were each approved previously by the Legislature, but were prevented from taking effect due to a court ruling that they violated Oklahoma’s Constitution regarding single-subjects for legislation,” said Lamb, Senate Majority Floor Leader.  “We believed then and believe now these provisions reflect the values of our state, and have successfully reaffirmed them in the Senate as individual measures.”

Senate Bill 1891, by Sen. Anthony Sykes, R-Moore, would create the Freedom of Conscience Act to permit an individual to refuse to participate in activities involving abortions, human embryos, fetal tissue or assisted suicide.

“Many Oklahomans have strong moral objections to these procedures,” Sykes said.  “We’re simply saying these individuals should not be forced to participate in procedures they believe are in direct contradiction with their beliefs regarding the sanctity of human life.”

Senate Bill 1902, by Sen. Clark Jolley, R-Edmond, regulates the administration of RU-486, also known as the abortion pill.

 “This legislation will better protect the health of Oklahoma women by ensuring only properly trained physicians can administer this prescription, the women have more information because of the abortion bill, and to ensure better follow-up for the women,” Jolley said.

Each of the measures now moves to the House of Representatives for further consideration.