Whatever Happend to…Common Sense?

RIP...Common SenseDo you recall when you were little and you would say something or do something and someone who was in authority over you said, "Think before you speak or do." or something to that effect?  Maybe it wasn’t really all that long ago. 

I have long been one that has sat on the sidelines and wondered why people do some of the things they do.  People watching is one of my favorite pastimes.  I could literally sit at a Quik Trip all day and watch the colorful people that walk in and out and wonder what is going on in their lives.  Do some of these people even really look at themselves before they venture out?  Let us look at the ever popular and growing daily peopleofwalmart.com, this is a site completely devoted to looking at people who have decided to throw caution to the wind and flip the bird at common sense as we know it and let it all hang out (most times literally).

Leads me to ask the question……Whatever Happened to…..Common Sense?

I may not be the first and I probably won’t be the last to say the following, "I don’t have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem."  You know what I mean, the times when someone does something and just makes you shake your head and wonder "what were you thinking?"  I know I am not the only one. 

It really is everywhere you look.  At the store, at the ballgame, in the car, at school, at work, and sadly more often than not in government, local and national. 

Webster defines common sense as: sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.  Did you catch that "simple perception"?  I would think that means just by looking at a situation or the facts of something that you can automatically see the path to take.  My gosh that seems so easy.  Then why is it that we have the bulk of society not exercising any?  I will be honest and say that I myself have not perfected always using common sense, but I think that I (and others) have a strong grasp on it.

Let’s look at other examples of lack of common sense as I see it. 

The City of Tulsa recently laid off over 100 police officers and firefighters.  During the same newscast that this was announced in, moments later was a story about the fiscal study of bringing the Olympics to Tulsa.  Really!?  Are you kidding me?  So let me get this straight, we are going to lay off safety on our streets to see if we have a snowballs chance in hell at getting a bid for the summer Olympic games.  The same Olympic games that just threw out Chicago in the opening round for the 2016 games.  To quote John McEnroe, "You can’t be serious!" 

I recently received, in the mail, a letter telling me that I would be receiving another letter in the mail for the 2010 US Census.  This after they spents millions during the Super Bowl to tell me that it would be coming.  Is there a reason that all this money is being spent? Why not just send me the census?  Does anyone else see this as a little ridiculous?

It isn’t just a large scale problem, this little animal rears it’s ugly little head in our private lives as much as anywhere.  I know it does in my house.  We have tried to adopt what I call the "three second rule."  If after thinking about what you are about to do or say for three seconds before doing or saying it and it still seems right, you may be in good shape.  It isn’t rocket science, it is simply a pause and a ponder.  Is what I am doing or saying going to make me look like a bonehead?

Imagine if there was a resurrection of Common Sense in this city, state, country.  Could it be possible, for people to think about things before they do it, think about words before they speak them, think about that website above before you wear it out?

It is the Easter season, a time when we celebrate "the" resurrection.  Could another happen now, when we need it most?

This topic is sure to be revisited soon.  If you have experiences or examples please add your comment to the bottom.  At best we all need a good laugh.


About the author:  Ernie Osborn is just a regular joe that sees life around him a little differently.  He is a former youth leader that believes that life should be lived to the fullest.  His views and opinions may or may not reflect those of Tulsa Today.  Ernie serves as Concert Editor for Tulsa Today.  (In other words, if his writing strikes you and makes you think, great, or if it just makes you laugh and scratch your head that is fine too)