My Take on Militias

I testified before Congress in 1995 (Subcommittee on Crime) against the so-called "assault weapon" ban and the ramifications of the Brady Bill. While in D.C. I tried to tell various congressmen that out in fly-over land, people were so angry with the government (especially the Clinton regime) and so in fear of what the radical left was doing to our country from the highest levels, that they were forming armed militias in anticipation of a confrontation with "federals."  Waco and Ruby Ridge lit the fuse, and the anti-gun laws that were being jammed down our throats fertilized the movement. 

These representatives looked at me like I was crazy. "There’s no such thing as militias out there" they would say. They obviously had no clue what was happening west of the Potomac.  This was on April the 5th, 1995, 14 days before the OKC bombing.

As a Tulsa Police officer, I was assigned to work with the local FBI in assisting in the investigation of the bombing. All of our leads led to middle-easterners working with McVeigh and Nichols. But the Clinton regime, Freeh and Reno did NOT want a Islamic connection, even though we had eye witnesses on the scene who saw them at the Murrah building, holding the parking place for McVeigh and the Ryder truck, and later, tied to Abu Sayef in the Philippines. Instead, it was an ideal opportunity for the lefties in D.C. and the Media to go after the "militias" (that two weeks before they said didn’t exist).

First the raid on Nichol’s brother’s farm, then the so-called investigation into Elohim City, which is a Christian Identity compound in eastern Oklahoma almost on the Arkansas border. The media went wild and began demonizing any and all "militia" groups. It was an all-out attack on the right wing and had nothing to do with the actual bombing case and what evidence and witnesses bore out.

I was then assigned to help investigate the militias and this is what I discovered: There were small groups forming all over the country. Some were out in the open and vocal and some were more clandestine. But all were lumped in together no matter what their political ideology. These groups ran from armed neighborhood watch programs to the far left neo-nazis of WAR and Stormfront. All were branded as "anti-government" and nothing was mentioned in the media or FBI reports about those that were forming to protect and defend the Constitution.

Adding fuel to the fire was the far left Southern Poverty Law Center. A con-man named Morris Dees has made millions by scaring various groups of people (mostly minorities) and soliciting money from them for his news letters (Militia Watch and Klan Watch) to be their watch dog. Over the years the SPLC has become joined at the hip with the FBI and  the lamestream media.  During the bombing investigation we discovered that Abraham Foxeman at the ADL, Morris Dees and Mark Potock at SPLC and another phoney talking head named Chip Berlet of the so-called "Political Research Associates" in Cambridge, MA all sing the same song. And these are the anti-American morons that the media quotes and uses as sources. No one calls them to task on where they get their information or numbers that they "quote".

In the end, these organizations derailed the investigation, took it away from the actual evidence and actual suspects, and basically destroyed it.

Then when the Amtrack derailment occurred in Hyder, Arizona (Sunset Limited), it was immediately blamed on a "militia" though none existed there. Following that was the Viper Militia incident in Phoenix which was a tiny group of boneheads who decided they’d try and identify and maybe attack government buildings. They had been infiltrated early on and the only thing that came out of that was their arrests.

The proof in the pudding on what the agenda for left-wing politicians in D.C. is after is reflected in the brochures that have been issued by the FBI and Homeland Security that describe terrorists as those who believe in the Bible, the Constitution, belong to a gun group such as the NRA or GOA, and claim to be "patriots." All combat veterans are also considered "threats".

Now, people are finally beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors of left-wing political manipulations of reality. And the "government" is terrified of it.  Huge numbers of armed civilians, Tea Party movement, talk radio, civil anger coupled with disbelief in what is happening around us, the economy and so on is fueling a huge movement that may force the pendulum back to the right.  Or even revolution if push comes to shove.

The Luciferian/Satanic agenda of those in power is out in the open now and people are taking notice and reacting all over the country.  As the Chinese used to say "we are living in interesting times."

Craig Roberts
Tulsa PD, Ret.
USMC, RVN ’65-66