Patriots Arise

Tulsa Today is the oldest independent online news service anywhere and we have and will defend that claim.  The point of publication is clear communications on issues of common concern and there can be no greater concern this day than the future of America.  Today Tulsa patriots will gather in downtown and at Expo Square to share strength, encourage, demonstrate and meet new friends.  Together we will renew America.  You are invited.

Since 1996, I have owned and published and last week began The David Arnett Show on KRMG.  This site works with that regional broadcast powerhouse on Am 740 and FM 102.3 news talk KRMG each Saturday from 4 to 6 pm.  You have a role to play in this entire media effort. 

I have been a journalist for over twenty-five years, but most regular readers here know that story.  Writing is different from radio and while I have never been a fan of the personal pronoun in print, the radio show is opinion, humor, and satire – on public issues.  Just imagine the mass of things we can say.  We will speak truth to power without regard to station.  

As I am asking for your help, it is only fair that I outline some basic positions here as we will, over the weeks, discuss it on KRMG.  I believe that the old Left/Right debate wrong.  Both are just parallel rails of the same track on government control.  The real question is Individual vs. Collective.  Socialists, Progressives, Statists, Marxists … whatever.  They believe government control from the top down can build a social utopia.  They lie.  There is no proof in history supporting their claim – no Liberty in liberal and no progress in progressive.  America built greatness from the ground up – free men in a free market without the crushing burden of massive taxation and excessive regulation.  History proves this is the correct path for all mankind.

Our government has failed.  Congress specifically has, by their massive deficit spending and stupid corruption failed to protect and maintain the value of the currency as they are required to do by Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution

They further fail in the effort to apply the "Commerce Clause" to the recently passed Health control bill.  That mostly unread collection of socialist fantasy, corruption and special interest is not Constitutional on it’s face – government cannot force free people to buy any specific private product for any reason.  The Constitution is the only thing that unites the many states and our union will continue to fracture (see so-called Health Care litigation) if not repaired.  

I need your help to fix America and protect our greater community.  Global economy is a myth.  All real economy is regional and Tulsa is a regional city in the heart of America – the Cosmopolitan Capital of Indian Territory and the home of Okie Attitude that lives free and speaks truth regardless what others may think or say or do.  We don’t stop.  We don’t quit.  We are free people.  The tyranny of political correctness ends here.

The current congress and the administration have destroyed the Democrat Party by turning it so far left that our Bill of Rights is now at risk.  They invent duplicitous names like “Net Neutrality” which in planned application is an evil nothing less than the control of all mass communications in America.  That can not be allowed.

U.S. Mary FallinTuesday at the Republican Women’s Club of Tulsa County four candidates for Oklahoma Governor spoke and any one of those would serve with honor.  The two lesser known candidates Robert Hubbard and Roger Jackson are good men but not greatly experienced or well funded for this campaign.  Of the two leading candidates, U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin and State Sen. Randy Brogdon, Fallin is the most experienced and widely respected for her conservative service over many years.  (For more more on Fallin vs. Brogdon, click here.)

I would rather see Randy Brogdon run for Congress because he is better known in Northeastern Oklahoma.  Those that know him have little doubt that if President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahn Emanuel stuck a finger in his chest, Brogdon would return it to some Emanuel orifice where the sun doesn’t shine.  (In case you are wondering; assault is any threatening movement toward another person, battery is any threatening physical contact and self-defense is a God given right.)  

America needs more Okie attitude in Washington.  The game is changed.  For years we have sent solid conservative representatives to Washington including, but not limited to Sen. Jim Inhofe and Sen. Tom Coburn.  These are honest courageous men, but primarily peacemakers and consensus builders.  Those days may be over.

Do you agree?  Do you disagree?  Let’s talk.  Let us meet on the open level field of public debate.  You may register free on Tulsa Today and add a comment to any story.  You may call 460-KRMG (460-5764) to add your voice to the only issue based call-in talk show on that station. 

Join me Saturday from 4 to 6 pm.  Or better yet, take time today and join me at the Tea Party event at Expo Square.  I will talk with you in person.  

Again, we must look to our nation and our communities.  We must build our local economy, correct our failed government and insure a better future for our children.  This is the day.  This is the hour.  Let us gather in peace for our most important purpose – the long march to recover America.



It was fun.  Diverse, entertaining, patriotic, are just a few of the top of mind impressions from Tulsa’s Tea Party at Expo Square April 15, 2010.  It was good to talk with so many of you during the evening and for those that did not attend, we will be posting a gallery of pictures over the weekend.

The coordinating sponsor was the non-partisan USA Patriots with KRMG as the radio host.  To see video of the event, click here.