Jennifer Knapp/Derek Webb at Cain’s


If great guitar work and contemplative music is your thing, you are in for a treat tonight at 423 N Main St, Cain’s Ballroom.  Folk-rock sensations Jennifer Knapp and Derek Webb bring their stripped down, forward-thinking sets to the “House that Bob Built.”  Along with special guest Amy Courts.

Both are greatly accomplished singer/songwriters that play songs of hope, faith and love. 

Derek WebbWebb, one of the founding members of the group Caedmon’s Call, has found a place to belong in his solo career with more of a free hand to shape his work to be exactly how he wants it.

He is not your conventional Christian artist, tending to tackle issues that all of us deal with, in language that all can understand.  His latest release is no different “Stockholm Syndrome.”  “It seems I’ve finally found the line beyond which my label can support me, and apparently I’ve crossed it,” Webb writes.  “At this point we’re not sure when the record will come out and in what form. The majority of the controversy is surrounding one song, which I consider to be among the most important songs on the record …. Because of various legal/publishing issues we’re having to be rather careful with how we do what we’re going to do next.” 

Derek’s solo release “Stockholm Syndrome” was released on his website,, as a digital release. He has also made physical copies of both the edited and unedited versions of the CD available.

Knapp is currently coming off a self imposed musical sabbatical that started some 7 years ago on a another continent.  The Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning artist felt as though she had lost part of herself Jennifer Knappin the fast paced world of the music industry. 

After seven years spent traveling, mastering the Playstation and spending time working at an antique store (and actually loving that she dreaded going to work in the morning like a “normal” person), Jennifer began to re-visit what made her happiest. “I had to go through a mourning process of walking away and convincing myself that it didn’t matter if I played music anymore. But it was hard, and the whole time I was gone, it was like I had a shadow following me. I began to return to it in my own private time, getting out my guitar, starting to play and falling in love with music again without any expectations. I just wanted to play because it meant something to me.”

While Jennifer made her initial mark in the Christian market, her time away made her realize that while she would never turn her back on that belief, she didn’t want to exclude any one else, either. As with past releases, she had gotten used to the focus on her song writing, that it was viewed as somewhat unusual for the Christian music industry. However Jennifer was always celebrated for her honesty and human approach to the divine, and she looks at “Letting Go” as a continuation of pushing those limits. “It was a struggle, because I was used to writing lyrics one way. I had to break that yolk to write a record that was honest about how I feel about life. It is the voice of people that I am concerned in preserving here, our right to express our deepest souls without the fear of condemnation. It’s my hope that the music feels legitimate and meaningful for whoever hears it. I wanted this record to reflect that.”

Jennifer Knapp is definitely back with a new album and tour.  “Letting Go” hits store May 11, 2010.  It is a must have.

Tickets are still available at Cain’s Box Office and all area Reasors or charge by phone at 866.977.6849.

Doors open at 7:00pm, show at 8:00pm.