Shock opens training camp at Reynolds Center.

altFifteen players summoned to Coach Richardson’s first WNBA camp.

TULSA, OK— The time has come for the players selected to the Tulsa Shock’s first ever team to put up or shut up.

Fifteen players will attend training camp, including five that survived the open tryout and free agent camp this past Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Juanita Ward, Danielle Green, Brittany Gilliam, Moniquee Alexander and Kim Sitzmann all earned their way onto the training camp roster and have a chance to make the final team. Four Shock players will be not be present at the onset of camp as they are completing professional seasons overseas.

They will join the most visible members of the Shock so far, Marion Jones, Plenette Pierson and Scholonda Robinson who have been making the rounds in the Tulsa community in  recent weeks, visiting community centers and schools.

It’s been a grueling few months the began way back in October of last year when the announcement was made that Tulsa had been selected for WNBA expansion, and the opening of Coach Richardson’s camp is a huge wake up call and it brings home how close the 2010 season is to players and front office staff alike.


“Finally seeing our players on the court this Sunday, as a unified unit with the coaching staff getting them ready for a successful season, will be an extremely rewarding scene for our players, coaching staff and front office. This is what we all work for. It’s finally time to play some Shock basketball."  The sentiment was echoed by the man on the bench, Coach Nolan Richardson.  “I’m looking forward to the opening of training camp,” Richardson said. “The only disappointing thing is, and that’s with most of the teams, is not having all of your players on your roster there for the opening.”

Shock players have been arriving in town this week including draftees Amanda Thompson (second round) and Vivian Frieson (third round). Both have had a chance to watch Richardson in tryouts and get a feel for what they should expect when it’s their turn to be out on the court.  “I was kind of nervous coming here but seeing some of the tryouts, it’s exciting,” Frieson said. “I’m ready to play some exciting basketball.”

In the end, Coach Richardson is ready to play some hoops.  “It’s here and I’m excited about it being here,” Richardson said. “It’s time to get the Tulsa Shock team prepared for a WNBA season.”