New Novel Offers Glimpse of Eternity

This week, Locust Grove author Mary Barton Wilcox celebrates the nationwide release of her new novel, “First Rose: Between Now and Forever,” the story of a woman who has recently departed earth and is now discovering all that the afterlife has to offer.

Through a journey with an angelic friend, a tour though heaven, and a swim in the River of Life, Rose discovers the ultimate happiness and finds the key to truly understanding the magnitude of God’s power and love.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available
through bookstores nationwide.

Wilcox studied at Berean College and Ashland University, and has ministered with her husband since 1971. She served as an ordained minister in the Assemblies of God church for 18 years, and a Registered Nurse for 11 years.
She is an accomplished artist and is also the author of “Home Lights,” “Hearing God,” “Teaching Tree,” “Discipleship I & II Curriculum,” “Knot Knows,” “Sammy Seed,” “Forgiveness,” and “Jesus.”  She and her husband are now retired and live in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. For more information, click here