Our Miss USA Betrayed By Leftist

Morgan Woolard represented Oklahoma and her personal honor without regard to the consequences Sunday evening in the Miss USA contest.  She took a question researched by an open border advocate.  The question itself was booed as it was obviously a trap designed to hurt her chances of success.

She gave a constitutionally correct answer supporting the rights of States to apply Federal law.

"I’m a huge believer in states’ rights. I think that’s what’s so wonderful about America. So I think it’s perfectly fine for Arizona to create that law.  And I’m against illegal immigration, but I’m also against racial profiling, so I see both sides in this issue.” ~ Miss Oklahoma Morgan Woolard’s answer to the question that likely cost her the Miss USA crown. 

Click here to see the video of both the question and the answer.

Fox News Reports, “After seeing all the gaffes Miss Michigan made, tripping on her dress and not answering her question consistently, I absolutely think Miss Oklahoma’s answer cost her the crown – it wasn’t what the judges from the liberal entertainment industry wanted to hear,” said Hollywood publicist Angie Meyer, who has worked closely with Miss USA contestants and the organization in past years. “It’s almost like the contestants are baited and set up to construct a left-of-center response and if they don’t, they lose out. To be asked that question by a Hispanic man (Oscar Nunez) is unfair and puts the girls in a very awkward position, a lot of girls might have been too intimidated to speak their mind. The pageant has become very one-sided.”

For the record, Tulsa Today has done more than anyone apparently in the Obama Administration by reading the Arizona law.  It does not exceed Federal standards approved by the courts.  

What Barack Hussein Obama promised was the first “post racial” administration in history.  In this, as in so many other things, President Obama lied.  That is what elitist collectives do – they lie and feel justified in that deceit because you are just too stupid to understand how “good for everyone” their policies of totalitarian control will be someday in their grand utopia.  

It is sad that President Obama has set back race relations by a hundred years or more for the sole purpose of advancing ideology that has historically failed in every country that has ever implemented it. 

Funny thing is that you don’t need to review history to confirm that failure.  Read today news of the financial crisis cascading from Greece, to Europe and you will know what Barack Hussein Obama will bring to America.

Tulsa Today will publish whatever Morgan Woolard may wish to submit for publication about her experience.  We will follow her future career(s) with unrelenting admiration and loyalty for her patriotism under-fire.  She worked hard to achieve success.  She stood tall when challenged.  The prize will pass, but Morgan Woolard won the day and Oklahoma’s regard by keeping her true and honest honor.