House Overrides Henry’s Obamacare Veto

Governor Henry’s veto of a bill that would allow Oklahoma to opt out of Obamacare was overriden in the House this morning.  The vote was 72-24; 68 votes, or two-thirds of the 101-members, were needed.  The override still needs two-thirds approval, or 32 votes, in the 48-member Senate.

The override attempt there may come tomorrow, but many, including Rep. Charles Key, believe it likely will fail in the Senate.  Key said, "…the likelihood of such a vote passing the Senate with the numbers necessary is tenuous at best. With less than 10 days left in this year’s legislative session, it is critical that we act immediately to protect Oklahomans from the federal healthcare mandates and the only option left is passing SJR 59, authored by Representative Mike Thompson and Senator Dan Newberry.

“Oklahomans should not be forced by Congress to participate in this unconstitutional and financially devastating assault on our freedoms and our healthcare rights," Key added.

“The actions of our Governor and inaction by our Attorney General leave me and other legislators with the belief that the only way we can stop the President and Congress’s attack on our constitutional and healthcare freedoms is to put ObamaCare to a vote of the people.

“SJR 59 will allow Oklahomans to vote on a constitutional amendment that will prohibit the federal government from encroaching on Oklahomans’ healthcare freedoms. It will also protect your right to preserve your current doctor-patient relationship and the ability to seek out the best health care services without fear of punitive federal government intervention.

“Because SJR 59 is a constitutional amendment, it does not have to go to the Governor’s desk for signature, but can go immediately to the ballot. This legislation has already passed both the House and the Senate with strong, bipartisan support. If this legislation were to once again pass the House, the citizens of Oklahoma would be given an opportunity to make their voices heard," Key said.


Edit Note: First reported by the McCarville Report Online