Mullet Over #409

The state of Wisconsin joined the Union in 1848 and is home to at least 14,000 lakes. The largest body of water therein is 215 sq. mile Lake Winnebago.

Talk about anonymity: Noah’s wife is mentioned five times in the Bible, but her name is never revealed.

The small black and brown bird known as the Fiji petrel was thought to be extinct since 1855, but naturalist Dick Watling was checking out rumored sightings in 1984 when a live specimen crashed into the side of his head.

William Hunt is credited with inventing the safety pin in 1849. However, the safety pin scene was suddenly complicated when a very similar pin was found in an Etruscan excavation site dating to the 7th century B.C. The pin world is likely all abuzz because of the discovery.

It is not recommended that you amuse yourself by using fingers to tease parrots. Parrots can exert forces exceeding 350 pounds per square inch with those cute sharp beaks.

During Isaac Newton’s twenty-third year he developed calculus, discovered the spectral composition of light, the fundamental principles of optics and the law of universal gravitation. I think it was in my 23rd year that I learned to tie a necktie, sort of.

Records indicate that the very first airmail letter was sent by means of a gas-filled balloon from Paris to London (1793) and was addressed to “B. Franklin.”

In the 18th century, England officially switched calendars which led to several oddities. The day following March 24, 1751 was March 25, 1752. The days of January 1 through March 24 never existed for 1752 in England.

Cincinnati, Ohio was named after Cincinnatus who was made dictator of Rome in 458 B.C. The man accepted his role and went forth to successfully do battle. He then quit his dictator job (after a mere 16 days) and returned to farming.

Do you happen to know the song “Greensleeves”? Some assert that Henry VIII wrote the words and tune to impress Anne Boleyn. There is scant evidence supporting the claim except the initial appearance of the song does match the era in which Henry was pursuing Miss Boleyn. It was also during the 16th century that green clothing for females was thought to have had romantic connotations. In 1865 William Dix wrote new words for the tune and entitled the work “What Child Is This?”.  Well, I trust that the shocking safety pin revelation will not dreadfully distort your psyche and that you will have a great weekend.