Ian Moore Shreds at Bob’s Place

Having never heard and seen Ian Moore before I was not really sure what to expect.  Now I can honestly say, "This guy can shred on guitar!"

Bob’s Place (Cain’s second room, more coffeehouse than concert hall) came to life as Moore and The Lossy Coils took the tiny stage.  The late audience mostly missed opener The Phillip Zoellner Band, but swelled to see Moore slowly make his way to the corner from which he would command the remainder of the evening.

It’s cool that Bob’s artists are housed in the kitchen before the show and must make their way through the crowd to the stage.  Thus intimate interaction and buzz grows as audience attention focuses.  Once on stage, the show can go one of two ways – a small gathering of folks with an artist playing casually close or they can blow the roof off.  Ian Moore accomplished the latter and owned the room.

Moore is a very unassuming individual you would probably miss off stage.   Even as he made his way up, there were few whistles or cat calls, but once set, the singer/songwriter/guitarist made his presence known.  Stepping to the mic and humbly saying, "How y’all doing tonight" he launched into "Payoff."  From the beginning and throughout the entire first set he did not slow down, but played with powerful personal passion and purpose.

The night featured material from Uno and EP that dropped just yesterday morning and will serve as a precursor to the full length release scheduled for August.

Moore, who recently moved from Austin to Seattle, has also grown from the guitar slinging youngster to a much more polished and contemplative songwriter.  This night was a showcase of that ability to shift – from melodic and pensive to letting it rip.  See Ian Moore if you have a chance and you will walk away awestruck.


Photo’s by: Kevin Pyle