Brady Theater Welcomes Weird Al

altSong parody king, Weird Al Yankovic brings his self proclaimed "rock and comedy multimedia extravaganza" to the hallowed halls of the Brady Theater, July 15, 2010.  

Weird Al burst onto the music scene back in 1979 with the help of Dr. Demento (a southern California comedy radio staple) with his off-shoot of The Knack song "My Sharona" entitled "My Bologna."  Yankovic’s career in novelty and comedy music has outlasted many of his "mainstream" parody targets, most notably Toni Basil, MC Hammer, The Presidents of the United States of America and Men Without Hats.

Al prides himself in keeping the songs fresh and humorous, as well as, retaining the original background music to each of his parody choices.  Instead of using instrumental versions of the original songs, Yankovic and his band transcribe the original song by ear and re-record the song for Yankovic’s parody version.

Yankovic also strives to make sure he gets original artist buy in before parodying their music.  The buy in that he has received from artists include a huge list and generally artists also feel a since of accomplishment and honor by being parodied.  Artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Nirvana and Chamillionaire, the latter of which has credited Yankovic as pushing him through to win a Grammy for his song "Ridin" which Al spoofed into "White and Nerdy"  (His biggest hit to date) to name a few have been pleased with his spin on their classic songs.

You can be sure that Thursday nights show will be full of familiar tunes and hilarious renditions of some of your favorite pop culture songs.  You may also see film clips from his cult hit movie UHF which was shot right here in Tulsa.  In addition, don’t be surprised to see local stars Hanson in the crowd, as Al has worked with the trio numerous times, including a recent video shoot in the Greenwood district of town.

Who:  Weird Al Yankovic

Where:  Brady Theater, 105 W Brady

When:  Thursday, July 15, 2010  Doors open at 7:00 pm

Ticket Prices:  Tickets are $27.50, $37.50, and $47.50.  Tickets on sale NOW at Brady box office, Reasor’s and Starship Records in Tulsa