Open Question for Randy Brogdon

I have a question for Randy Brogdon.  I did support him for the Republican nomination for governor of Oklahoma, but I made it clear on [Political Realities] that if Mary Fallin won the primary, I would support her with no reservations.  I felt they were both good, conservative candidates. 

When I wrote those words, I thought they would and should go for
Brogdon, if he should lose the primary.  He did lose to Fallin, but as
of this morning, he has failed to endorse her in the governor’s race.  

When asked about his endorsement by reporters on election night, he said he was going to take some time off to think about endorsing the woman who defeated him quite handily.  That leaves me wondering why.

I am not the only one who is puzzled by Brogdon’s decision.  Oklahoma Watchdog and The McCarville Report both have articles that question why he has failed to offer a quick and decisive endorsement of Fallin.  Here is part of what Andrew W. Griffin had to say in his article on Oklahoma Watchdog.

"Brogdon, the Owasso Republican, was beaten pretty handily by Fallin and that was expected according to numerous pre-primary polls.  He had to know this is the way it would turn out.  Yet, when The Oklahoman interviewed Brogdon after Fallin had been declared the victor, Brogdon did not offer his endorsement.  He said he would think about it.

"This is surprising and it should be of concern to the Republicans.  Is Brogdon taking his ball and going home in a huff?  He has still not offered his endorsement.  Will fellow Brogdon supporters sit this one out, giving the Democrats a stronger shot at leading the agenda?

"Clearly, the Democrats in Oklahoma are coming together.  And Askins is a solid and likable candidate.  She did well in areas that Edmondson was expected to take, like in northeastern Oklahoma.  This is an historic occasion having two women running for governor in a state that has never elected a woman as governor."

Let me echo what Griffin wrote.  It troubles me that Randy Brogdon seems to be such a sore loser.  I do not intend to sound mean-spirited or mad at the man, but there is no time for politics such as this.  If he is serious about having a conservative Republican in the governor’s office in Oklahoma, then he should not think twice about endorsing Mary Fallin.

I know Brogdon ran a very spirited campaign and he put a lot of time and effort into it. He is sure to feel disappointed and let down that he did not win, but as Griffin points out, he had to have seen this coming.  

Despite of his differences with Fallin, he needs to get behind her and help push her towards a conservative Republican victory in November as the first woman governor of Oklahoma.  If he does anything less, then shame on him. 

About the Author:

Oklahoman LD Jackson publishes Political Realities, a blog on public policy issues primarily focused on Oklahoma.