Deftones Energize Brady Theater

altThere have been few shows that I have been both bored and then in the same night blown away.  Thursday night, August 19th was one of those nights. 

The Brady Theater, upon arrival, looked like a ghost town saloon.  There were not many people there and it was quite surprising for a show that carried the magnitude of a Deftones show.  There was a sparse gathering of people in the "pit" area and even fewer in the seated section of the Old Lady.  At first glance it was setting up to be a bit of a disappointment.

The lights go out and slowly members of opener, Baroness come to the stage.  Two, to be precise.  Both picking up guitars and beginning to play a slow but building solo style intro.  The rest of the band make their way into place and the set begins.  The problem is it seemed to be just one long instrumental song with a few screams and inaudible lyrics thrown in for good measure.  The band seemed to lose the information that there was actually an audience involved, albeit small at this point.  There is no interaction with the crowd. 

The lead guitarist/vocalist, Peter Adams and I guess what you would call lead vocalist/guitarist, John Baizley seemed to be quite taken with each other though.  Often playing for each other rather than the gathering of folks in the room.  Sorry guys, I just didn’t get what you were trying to do.  The bass player, Summer Welch was completely separated from the rest of the band, like being on a tiny island to play alone.  All of this misfired for me and looking back, gives reason for a less than stellar crowd to play for.   Thus, just leaving me incredibly bored.

Baroness Photos


Photos by: Kevin Pyle

Thankfully, the night was not about to be done.  Deftones were up next and after a stage change it would be their time to take it to the next level.

In between sets I stepped outside the venue to speak with my photographer and some other folks.  Before returning back inside, I noticed a skirmish happening just inside the main doors.  One of the security guys had gotten a patron in a choke hold and wrestled him to the ground.  I then realized that the guy on the ground had caused a fight earlier and was kicked out by the medics.  I guess they had patched him up and he decided his night was not over.  So in his drunken state he tried to gain re-entry to unlucky circumstances.  (Side note:  GT Security does a great job at all of the venues that I have been too.  I sure as heck wouldn’t want to mess with any of them.)  But we move on.

Deftones is one of those bands that you can hear their music and it will indeed move you, although seeing them live will give you a whole new appreciation.  This is by far of one of the most energetic bands I have ever seen.  Lead singer, Chino Moreno is like a pinball bouncing around the stage and spending plenty of time on an add on piece of staging that allowed him to stand even higher above the crowd (that at this point had tripled in size).  They come at you hard and heavy and really don’t let up through the entire set, pausing only momentarily to ask if the audience is doing okay.

What they give you is a full tilt, full throttle ride that barely gives you time to catch your breath from the jumping and singing to go into the next song.  Although, there is a definite break between songs, unlike the opener.  They leave it all on the stage and give every person there their money’s worth of show.

Deftones Photos


Photos by: Kevin Pyle


Don’t believe me, check out a show for yourself and then we can talk.  Walking away from the Brady there is an even more solid fan and a very winded reviewer.  Blown away, Blllloooooowwwwwn away!  As George Steinbrenner in Seinfeld would say.