Jari Askins Targeted

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) released its first television advertisement in Oklahoma today highlighting how liberal Democrats Jari Askins and party leader Barack Obama are on common issues of concern for many Oklahomans.  It is also available online at www.LiberalJari.com.

“Jari Askins has a lot more in common with Barack Obama than she lets on to the average Oklahoman,” said RGA spokesman Chris Schrimpf.  “Both Askins and Obama are far out of the mainstream on illegal immigration and willing to waste taxpayers’ money without needing to explain themselves.”

As a state senator Askins voted to give illegal immigrants in-state tuition. She also said she wants to give them complete amnesty for entering the country illegally, and said she does not need to explain it.  Askins also supports using state money to provide illegal immigrants health care.

Campaign Manager for Jari Askins, Sid Hudson, released the following statement later in the day:  “I’m disappointed, but not surprised that the first television ad from Mary Fallin’s Washington friends is the politics as usual, partisan smear campaign that we’ve come to expect out of Washington, D.C.

“Oklahomans understand the problems created by Washington politicians and powerful special interests and are looking for real Oklahoma solutions by an experienced leader they can trust. Jari Askins understands it is the Oklahoma way – not the Washington, D.C. way – that will provide the clear roadmap to successfully addressing the challenging problems facing our state.”

Not exactly clear on what the “Oklahoma Way” is, some pundits question “Is that the Gene Stipe, Jeff McMahan, Steve Phipps way Democrats have run Oklahoma broke for a hundred years?”

A script of the ad follows:

What do Jari Askins and Barack Obama have in common?

They both support immigration policies too liberal for

Askins voted for a bill in the Legislature to give
illegal immigrants in-state tuition,

And endorses giving them amnesty.

She even supported state funding to pay for illegal
immigrants’ health care.

Sound like someone we know?

Jari Askins: ideas too liberal for Oklahoma

Just like Barack Obama.

Yes readers, this governor’s race should be entertaining.