Pixies bring their Freak Show to Tulsa

altThe iconic alternative rock band the Pixies made their first stop ever in Tulsa after being together since 1986. Though the band took a hiatus in 1993 and did not reunite until 2004 with all the original members, the Pixies have proven they have a “cult” following with sold out shows across the board, one of them being right here at the Brady Theater.  After experiencing what I just saw; the simplest of words says it best……WOW.

The show opener was one of the oddest performances I have ever witnessed. To keep it clean for all to read, the “F Buttons” started the night off with two guys standing on a dark stage, each at a synthesizer. And that was it. They played techno music in the dark with a psychedelic laser show for about 35-40 minutes. Nothing was said at all until the end of their set when they introduced who they were. This is something that would probably go over well at a Rave Club or something similar in nature. And I have to say, there were a few here and there standing in front of their seats dancing a bit to the music. But for the most part, we all just sat there through that bizarre experience.  It seemed as if we had all jumped in a time machine and went back to 1986. Now that I know what this band is all about, it’s probably not all that bad. It just felt like something was about to happen; but nothing ever did.

When the Pixies were about to take the stage, everyone rose to their feet and starting screaming in anticipation of the show. Black Francis (lead singer) is vocally in a league of his own. He has an incredibly distinctive hollowing voice that grips you at your core and pulls you in; making you feel a part of the show. Francis also is a striking resemblance (at least from halfway across the room) to Andrew Zimmerman. The “Foodies” will know who that is.

The whole band was just oozing with energy as they started off with playing the “B- Side” tracks.  With the Brady Theater being nostalgic itself; being built in 1914, and with the movie screen behind the band playing such odd images, it reminded me a lot of turn of the century Freak Shows with the “Bearded Lady” and Fire-eating Man type stuff.  There were also these large balls hanging from the ceiling that would change color and move up and down. Along with the laser lights again, it was quite a production.

 The Pixies went on to play the entire “Doolittle” album that was released in 1989. This has been a continuation of their 20 year reunion of that record. The crowd was amazing; singing along to every song, they were just as energetic as the band was which seemed to really surprise the Pixies. It was evident they were taken aback by the adoring fans.
Some of the songs that really seemed to stand out were “Here Comes Your Man”, “Monkey Gone to Heaven”, “Crackity Jones” and “Hey”.  Honestly, they all seemed to stand out because every song was played like it was there last. The Pixies gave a stellar performance throughout the entire night.


Photos by: Kevin Pyle

As we were waiting for the encore, everyone was chanting in unison; Pixies! Pixies! They returned moments later to play two songs. Kim Deal (bass guitar and vocals) ended with signing “Into the White”. People were going nuts during that song! As the lights did not come back on, the crowd knew they were in store for more and started with the chant once again. The Pixies gave their fans all they had with 5 more songs. They ended the night with “Gigantic” to which concert goer, Aaron Stephenson said “that was how probably every person felt” after that amazing show.

The Pixies still got it. Apparently they are stuck in some kind of time warp, because they do sound just as good now if not better than they did 20 years ago. If you have never given the Pixies a listen, do yourself the favor…..you will walk away a fan.